5 Best Yoga Clothing And Yoga Gear Brands

yoga gear brands

For a very long time, especially when a pandemic hit the world. Everyone chose to perform Yoga as gyms were closed. Many of us got back to gyms as the situation is now much more stable, but many choose to stay with Yoga. As it not only brings peace to our life full of chaos but also helps in staying fit. 

Just like in gyms, we need exercising equipment like dumbbells, treadmills, activewear, etc., and there are many famous brands for this. Similarly, in Yoga, we need yoga gear to perform it. Here we will help you figure out the best yoga gear brands you can get yoga gears from. 

Popular Yoga Gear Brands


It is named after the Hindu philosophy that inc yoga, Yoga, Martial arts, traditional medicines, etc. Prana is among premium yoga gear brands. The brand offers organic cotton clothing, recycled wool, and polyester that protects the environment and offers sustainable development along with yoga equipment and green clothing. 


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These yoga gear brands claim fame in their yoga pants. Lululemon is the yoga gear brand that creates technical athletic clothes for runners, swimmers, and yogis. Along with this, they also have many yoga accessories and equipment like yoga bags, headbands, and water bottles. The thing that makes lululemon stand out among other yoga gear brands is their innovative, colorful, and stylish apparel. 

Alo Yoga

Top-class stars like Halle Berry are crazy about Alo Yoga leaving all other yoga gear brands. Alo yoga gear brands make the most beautiful tops that can be relaxed, tight, flowy that comes along with matching sports bras, leggings, and comfy styling jackets. This is one of the best yoga gear brands where you will find everything in one place. 

Beyond Yoga

BYogad Yoga stands out among other yoga gear brands because of the principle they work on. Which is that people of all color, shape, size should be able to wear their wonderful clothing. To test the fitting of their yoga gears, the company tested it on real people. BYogad Yoga is one of the yoga gear brands that produce high-quality material that requires low maintenance. Along with this, they support women’s empowerment. 


The brand name Manduka produces a wide range of fine yoga performance products, from yoga mats to towels. One of the very first products of Manduka is their black mat with a non-slip grip. As soon as it came, it claimed fame that it truly deserved and stood itself in the market of yoga gear brands. They use their resources wisely and believe in sustainable development that’s why they produce their products in an environmentally friendly way. 


While looking at yoga gear, brands don’t just blindly look for great quality but also how the company produces their products. Many yoga gear brands don’t consider the environment, and their ways of producing products are harmful to the environment. You don’t want to stay healthy by harming the environment, right? So always choose and support yoga gear brands that are favorable to the environment. 

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