5 Things To Know Before Beginning Yoga Exercise

Beginning Yoga Exercise

5 Things To Know Before Beginning Yoga Exercise

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Before beginning yoga exercise, there are few things that every beginner need to keep in mind. Yoga looks quite easy from the outside, but once you start it, you will find it quite challenging at first. Though, with practice it becomes a lot easier and you will have fun as you learn various poses and techniques.

Before Beginning Yoga Exercise

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Now that you have decided to embrace yoga, here are the top five things you need to understand. Do not ignore them as yoga done wrong can be as harmful!

Start With Consulting Your Doctor

Your doctor is the best person to tell you about your ubderlying con ditions and what are the precautions that you will need to take. Yoga poses can be extreme depending upon the complexity and not all yoga forms are meant for everyone. If you have a chronic underlying issue then it is best that you follow the yoga style that is not too aggressive for you, or else you risk worsening the issue. Always consider safety. Yoga should not cause or further any injury. And, don’t just assume that one form of yoga is less aggressive than the other. Consult the doctor before starting.

Everyone Can Do Yoga

Everyone with every form of body can do yoga. There is no rule about the obese ones not being able to yoga, or someone being too old to adopt yoga. Of course you cannot be an expert on day one, but you will keep learning as you progress. And, there is no hindrance in the path of becoming an expert in yoga exercises. Never feel discouraged, and don’t discourage anyone. Keep yourself open to exploring all aspects and styles. And, remember, only with practice will you become perfect.

Never Rush, Start Slow

Just like any form of exercise, it is never a good thing to rush into yoga. Start slow. Don’t stress your body too much. Else, you will risk burning out your body much faster than you intend to. It will also potentially put you in harm’s way. Start with the basics, and only when you have mastered it all, should you move into the advanced poses. Yoga is not to be mastered within a short span. It can take months, and even years. So, be patient, and start picking up the easier and beginner techniques at first.

Note Down Your Progress

One of the best ways to keep motivating yourself while practicing yoga is by keeping track of your progress. This is also a great way to ensure that you learn everything and remember them in future. As you go deeper into the various poses of yoga, there are plenty of terminologies that you will come across. It is a good idea to keep note of it all. Thus, a journal will come it real handy. This is a great way to keep track of all the progresses you are making.

Yoga Is Part Of Your Lifestyle

Do not consider yoga like a diet that will give you certain benefits and then you will end it. This is a lifestyle and needs to be incorporated in your daily routine. There is no end to yoga. You should approach it as a permanent inclusion in your life. If you think you are not ready to do so, you are not ready for yoga yet. Yoga exercises will improve your general well-being. And, it will keep you healthy and in shape all through your life.

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