A Take On Mental Health – Yoga For Health

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The impact of mental health on the development of physical health is still controversial. Studies about what effects mental health has on physical health are in fact little conclusive. Several researchers continue to question the correlation between the mental health of the body. Moreover, many studies conclude that yoga and meditation are beneficial for our health.

Why Yoga For Health Is A Matter Of Importance

Yoga or more formally, hatha yoga, asanas are techniques that develop and enhance strength, flexibility, balance, breath control, and even balance in body posture. When we practice it, the physical muscles don’t tire and the mind relaxes. To attain balance and power for yoga exercise, these postures require us to use an almost infinite variety of muscles, various joints, tendons, ligaments, ten knots, bones, skin, and the like. It is because of this that practicing yoga is an activity of full-body workout. It is easy to say that body, mind, and soul connect closely.

A Take On Mental Health - Yoga For Health
A Take On Mental Health – Yoga For Health

Yoga also helps to cure several conditions related to the body. In fact, some experts are of the opinion that yoga exercises are a treatment for all kinds of ailments including lower back pain, migraines, menstrual problems, indigestion, pain in various joints, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, gastritis, diarrhea, asthma, acid reflux, infertility, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Yoga asanas for the neck and back assist to make them stronger; hence, the bad back pains also disappear.

Impact Of Yoga On Mental Health

Another benefit of these exercises is that they help to improve and increase the memory, reduce hypertension, blood pressure, improve posture, prevent and treat sleep disorders, and many other physical conditions. Mental health also benefits from it. Through mental exercises, many experts claim that we can live a long and healthy life.

These practices strengthen and tone our nervous system, which is the central nervous system, or also called the brain’s communication centers. It also develops our overall cognitive and emotional functions. You can achieve these improvements in the overall performance through careful alignment and balance of the body’s muscles and nervous system.

Most importantly, yoga improves and maintains our body’s general health. The regular practice of yoga improves the health and well-being of your body, mind, and soul.

Postures And Techniques

Yoga for Health is a combination of physical poses and mental concentration techniques. The body muscles stretch to their limits and the mind relaxes through meditation techniques.

It is advisable to take note of the different positions, stances, and postures. It is also important to consider some basic rules that must be followed while performing these postures. Aside from that, some techniques are quite tricky and requires a lot of practice before becoming comfortable with.

Basic Rules Of Performing Yoga

Practice the poses as if you were in a gymnasium and maintain your position without letting your knees move. There should be a natural flow from the ankles, to the hips, to the waist, and then down to the upper thighs.

A Take On Mental Health - Yoga For Health
A Take On Mental Health – Yoga For Health

Some beginners pose instructions that are usually the same as traditional poses; in other words, position the feet in a kneeling posture with both the feet close together and keeping the body straight. Bent both arms at the elbows and the keep head forward. Sometimes the hands rest on the floor.

Certain postures like the upavistha, balasana, and bhastrika require great discipline to perform without straining the muscles and joints. Asanas involve stretching of the torso, limbs, and ligaments and require endurance as well as physical strength. They require an array of muscles and tissues to support the weight of the body.

Nevertheless, yoga for health is beneficial for improving the mental condition and harmony within our soul. Athletes and sports persons should exercise regularly to stay fit and active.

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