Top 10 Balance Ball, Exercise Ball & Stability Ball FAQs

If you have some questions regarding your balance ball then here you can find the most relevant answers. This equipment is also known as a stability ball and an exercise ball. Here are important FAQs on how you should inflate your ball, where to find replacement parts, proper exercises done on this equipment and many more. Read on…

Top 10 Balance Ball, Exercise Ball & Stability Ball FAQs
Top 10 Balance Ball, Exercise Ball & Stability Ball FAQs

FAQS For Balance Ball

In what sizes Is A Balance Ball Available?

This equipment is available in standard sizes – 55cm, 65 cm and 75 cm. These balls are made to ensure the right ergonomics and body alignments for particular body heights.  

What Is The Maximum Limit For Inflating A Balance Ball?

The best way to fill this ball is by measuring its height after inflation. You can make a pencil mark on the wall in heights 55, 65 and 75cm, depending on the size you purchased. The ball should reach any of these measurements. You can know the maximum limit of inflation by measuring the diameter of the inflated ball. Also, be careful that the diameter of the ball should not be more than the size mentioned on the ball, else it will burst.

Can I Use This Ball Instead Of A Seat At My Office Desk?

Some people do use this tool as a seat. Just ensure that you get one after measuring the height of your desk and your own height. You can choose from the standard sizes and pick one accordingly. Do not select one that is too short or too tall.

What Is A Stability Ball?

These two terms are used for the small ball. The other names given to this equipment are balance ball, fitness ball, Swiss ball and yoga ball.

How Much Weight Can A Balance Ball Tolerate?

These balls can tolerate body weight up to 300 lbs.

Can A Torn Or Punctured Balance Ball Be Repaired?

It is not appropriate to repair this equipment. Moreover, there is no guarantee that a repaired balance ball can be used safely. There is no repair kit available for torn balance balls.

I Need A Balance Ball Pump. Where Will I Get It?

Replacement balls, kits, and pumps are available in stores that sell balance balls. You can also order these tools separately online from various sites selling fitness equipment.

Anti-Burst Yoga Ball With Inflate Pipe For Fitness

Top 10 Balance Ball, Exercise Ball & Stability Ball FAQs

Do you enjoy your workout sessions? Try this anti-burst ball for your workout or yoga sessions at the comfort of your home. It is best for its compression-resistant feature which helps beginners, Pilates and yoga practitioners for abdominal exercises. It is available in colors blue, pink and purple. The diameter is 25 cm and the approximate weight is 100 gm. The ball consists of PVC material. So hurry up and place your online orders now! This equipment one can use for fitness at home, office or at the gym. There are many exercises that you can perform on this ball for overall fitness.

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