Basic Health Benefits of Yoga Training

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Sadhguru, a Hindu priest describes the word Yoga as “that which brings you to reality.

Yoga as a form of exercise involves physical, mental and spiritual practices consisting largely of postures. It originated from India and is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophical traditions.

Yoga as a mind and body exercise has numerous health benefits. Basically, they include;

Body Flexibility and Balance

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The strenuous postures of Yoga Training helps to keep the muscles of the body flexible and the body fit especially in the arms, stomach and  leg region.

Cardiovascular Endurance

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Since the training involves total concentration of the mind and body in a serene environment, the mind tends to be calm and the body relaxed. This helps the heart to function properly in a more stable manner thereby improving the cardiovascular endurance.

Inner Peace and Tranquility

The nature of the training and the serene  environment where it takes place creates a perfect blend for inner peace and tranquility of the soul since both the mind and body are at rest. This greatly reduces the risk of mental health disorders such as depression and enhanced the elevation of the mind which leads ultimately to self-realization

Healthy Lungs

Yoga practices involve breath control which focuses on the movement of the lungs and proper filtration of air. This act helps to exercise the lungs, strengthen and keep a healthy vocal cord, reduce anxiety and even lowers the risk of coronary tract infections.

Increased Energy Levels

As a result of the various positions taken in the course of the training, the body is more alert and agile thereby increasing the energy level.

Weight Control

Just as every form of exercise burns a certain percentage of calories in the body, Yoga training also helps to keep the body weight in check.

Anxiety Disorders

The form of exercises also helps individuals to overcome anxiety Disorders through consistent training. Through breath control exercises and trying to focus on the mind in union with the body, one learns how to control the mind and maintain calmness.

Improved Athlete Performance

Constant yoga practices help to keep the organs of the body fit and the mind alert for a longer period of time which helps athletes in their endurance training. Constant stretching of the muscles also helps to endure strains better and reduces the risk of muscle cramps and internal injury.

Posture perfection

The body balance and stretches helps to give the body a good shape and maintain the shape in a healthy way which combines maintaining flexibility and building strength.

Increase in Blood Flow

The relaxation exercises help to relax all the organs of the body including the heart thereby reducing the effort of pumping blood but increasing the blood flow as the cells get more oxygen to work with. It also helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

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