Best Toe Yoga Exercise For Healthy Feet

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Summer is one of the times where you can give your feet some extra care. It is because you might do various activities and you can start toe yoga exercise, you have to start doing them. It can help give better results as you can improve the flexibility and make you stronger. So, you must focus on the toe yoga exercise to get the benefit.

Weaving – Helps In Relieving The Symptoms Of The Bunion

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You have to start toe yoga exercise by putting one of your fingers between each of your toes on your opposite feet. Ensure that you have a strong grip and you have to move into a stretch position. Now, you have to try and massage the toes.

You should also consider focusing on the ball of the foot to ensure that it can help in improving mobility. This will help in opening space in your toes to ensure that you can see the effect of weaving.

Towel Scrunches – Toughens Arches & Eases Plantar Fasciitis

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For this toe yoga exercise, sit with your feet flat on the ground, knees bent at 90 degrees, with a towel spread under your feet. Scrunch your toes to grab bits of the towel and pull it toward you, inch by inch, so it bunches into your arches.

Start by setting flat on your feet on the ground. You should have your knees bent at 90° to ensure that you can sit in a specific position. You have to ensure that you have something comfortable under the feet, like a towel spread.

Now you can move your toes in such a way that you can grab some with the towel so you can pull it towards you. Do it slowly and move it an inch-by-inch, so you can easily move it into an arch position.

Palm Tree – Strengthens Ankles & Calves

By standing in a mountain pose in which you have to ensure that you can touch a wall with your hands. It is an effective toe yoga exercise that can give effective results.

You need to ensure that you can keep your balance and touch the wall for balance. You must take a deep breath and try to lift your heels as high as possible.

Now when you will then you have to come back to the ground. So, you have to do this around 5 to 10 times to see the effects.

Squeeze & Flex: Good For Relieving Bunions, Restoring Flexibility, & Hammertoes

In this toe yoga exercise, you have to be in a position like sitting in a chair in which the feet are resting on the floor. Now, start by inhaling and flex the toes so you can have some space between them. Next, you need to exhale along with squeezing the toes and make it into a form like a toe fist. You should repeat this exercise around five to ten times for better results.

Final Thoughts

So, you can try the toe yoga exercise that you can try. It can surely help you to get the best results. You must consider all these things during summer as it can be a bit tiring. So, the toe yoga exercise can help you to develop balance alignment in the feet. It will surely help you with various things.

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