Best Travel Yoga Mat – Choosing Your First Mat

best travel yoga mats

Knotted muscles, ruined diets, over-worked business meetings – it’s time to roll up a travel yoga mat! But choose carefully. The best travel yoga mat depends on your individual needs and tastes. When you’re looking for a yoga mat that will give you a quick workout, there are certain things to look for to get the best travel yoga mats. And while you may be tempted to buy the cheapest thing around, you’d be surprised at just how affordable travel yoga mats can be.

How Should Be Your First Yoga Mat?

Yoga Mat

There are many benefits to owning and using the best travel yoga mats you can find. But the first thing you need to remember is that not all yoga mat brands are created equal. The last thing you want is a cheap imitation that will not give you the kind of flexibility and comfort you need. You want a yoga mat that fits your body properly and feels right when you’re practicing on it.

Size And Shape Of The Mat

Yoga Mat

Another key thing to consider is the size and shape of the mat. This will be a crucial factor, no matter what kind of yoga exercise you plan on doing. Some people do much practicing yoga in their cars, while others like to do it outside. When it comes to yoga on the road, you want a flexible mat that is easy to fold and store, so it can easily fit in your car or bag. The best travel yoga mats have a contoured shape, so they’re easy to use and fold.

Look For Mats Having Low Packability Levels

Of course, you want a mat with low packability levels, so it will be less likely to cause pressure points when you’re on the road. If your mat has a very high compression value, you might not want to pack it. That said, though, low compression mats still perform well when you’re practicing yoga in the field. The idea is to get the most out of every workout, not necessarily do everything in the most compact manner possible. Good yoga practitioners will tell you that maintaining proper body alignment is the secret to feeling supported while practicing, rather than packing everything in tightly.

Weigh The Pros And Cons Of The Mats

There are some pros and cons of every yoga accessory and every type of mat in between. When choosing yoga props, the main thing to keep in mind is to match the purpose with the product. For example, if you’re looking for a lightweight but flexible mat, consider buying one that is made from a breathable material. Another good idea is to think about the size of the bag or travel bag that you’re planning to carry it in. A few extra accessories can make a big difference, but it all comes down to your particular situation and what you prefer.

Final Thoughts

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the mats fold up nicely for easy packing. Some even come with straps so they can be hung in your closet during transport. Most of the bags that fold up and come with straps only offer portability but don’t have much else. If you want more packing room or want something heavier that will support your body while you’re doing yoga, consider buying one of the heavy-duty travel yoga mats instead.

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