Best Yoga Gears For Babies

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In this time of the pandemic, where going outside is a risk, we have to take care of our body as well as our mental health. Yoga is the best form of exercise which helps you on a physical as well as on a mental level. Making your child learn yoga from a young age, will help them throughout their lives.

Yoga Mat

As you hear the word yoga, you also know that it can not be practiced without the yoga mat. And when your child starts to learn yoga, a yoga mat is a must. Because if they practice on the floor, that can lead to severe injury which nobody wants for their child. And there are different types of mats available in the market, but you should choose a fancy and a good quality mat, which can be trusted.

Yoga Books With Rhyming Poems

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As you know, when you want your child to learn something new, there should be something which attracts them, and something which makes it easier for them to learn that particular thing. And yoga books with coloring pages and rhyming poems can be one of the best gears which will make learning yoga a fun thing. The child will improve their speech, and pronunciation too, which will help them in their life further.

Giant Play Balls and Yoga Blocks

These two pieces of equipment can look like toys to your child, and kids love toys as we all know. Also, they ensure that your child will be safe while practicing yoga. The giant ball can be used by other family members too for meditating and for certain types of therapies. Yoga blocks can be a perfect support for hands as well as for the lower body while practicing yoga. Overall, these two pieces of gear can be used for multiple purposes.

Yoga Puzzle Pairs

If you want your child to remember the Asanas which are so far the best part of yoga for a long period of time, then puzzles can be the best gear for that purpose. Along with solving the puzzles, your child will also learn to concentrate and will develop a better level of concentration. 

Therapy Dough

Yoga can be relaxing but a bit of a tiring activity too, so therapy dough is one of the best yoga gear to remove the stress and calm your mind. The best thing about therapy dough is that you can make it in your house with some good ingredients such as peppermint, citrus fresh, lemon, lime, thieves, and lavender. Also, you can add some oil as per your preference. It not only will make you feel relaxed but also mentally calm, because of the fresh smell, you’ll definitely feel relaxed.


Yoga is so far the most practiced exercise along with the asanas, but the gears mentioned above will make it even a more beautiful experience for your child. So that they will love to practice it on a daily basis. 

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