Bikram Yoga: Advantages And Preparation

Bikram Yoga: Advantages And Preparation

Bikram yoga is a kind of yoga that includes a chain of body postures. This yoga is performed in a room with temperatures above the average room. Sometimes, the trainers of Bikram yoga go through training programs to understand and practice the activity. This conventional Bikram posture chain doesn’t include reverse positions such as headstand as it is difficult for learners to do them safely. In highly developed Bikram yoga, the trainers guide students in reversal position. It is frequently named as hot yoga. It improves the exhalation method of breathing and also helps in perfecting the technique.

Bikram Yoga: Advantages And Preparation
Bikram Yoga: Advantages And Preparation

Advantages Of Performing Bikram Yoga

  • Reduces Injuries- The temperature in which postures are performed decrease the chances of injuries
  • Less Toxins-Due to heavy sweating hot yoga cleans toxins from the body.
  • Increased Lung Capacity- the Main emphasis of hot yoga is on breathing exercises. It increases lung capacity through pranayamas.
  • Improved circulation – one can feel while performing this yoga. It improves circulation.
  • Increased immune system- Performing yoga in a hot environment increases the immune system and lifts the body’s regrowth capacity.
  • More flexible muscles- Hot yoga makes muscles more flexible and stretchy. After performing this person can bend forward and stretch better.
  • Weight loss- After performing postures under warm environment, the person tends to sweat, which helps in weight loss.
  • Proper breathing-It helps an individual know appropriate breathing techniques. This form of yoga is very powerful. Therefore, it works out our respiratory system. Inhalation skills used in this yoga helps to overcome shortness of breath, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

How To Prepare For Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga: Advantages And Preparation
Bikram Yoga: Advantages And Preparation

Going for the first session can be a little stressful. Some things to keep in mind before heading to hot yoga sessions

  • Drink plenty of water- before heading to a yoga session, make sure you are well hydrated. If planning to take session early morning, start hydrating a night before.
  • Watch what You Eat– Say no to food 2 hours before heading for yoga session; try eating light and entire healthy day leading to the session.
  • Come Prepared- Bring a yoga mat, Towel, and a water bottle for the yoga session. Yoga mats and towels are chargeable in the studio.
  • What To Wear– Wear comfortable cloths. Wear clothes that will allow moving freely and are comfortable at the same time.
  • Reach early– Reach before time to get full benefits of the class.

Bikram Yoga For Learners

Bikram yoga and its 26 postures help in reducing stress and feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Everybody has to go through a learning phase, but after 2-3 sessions, learners began to adapt to a warm environment and the chain of yoga postures. It is useful in improving overall health.


Bikram yoga or hot yoga is performed in a warm environment. It improves overall body strength as well as health. Hot yoga is beneficial in weight loss. Performing hot yoga helps in boosting the immune system and reduces injury. Drinking plenty of water and wear comfortable clothes before heading for a session.

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