Brain Yoga Exercise – How Yoga Can Improve Your Brain Power

brain yoga exercise

You can enhance your brain and memory with Super Brain Yoga exercise. Learn more about this powerful method, inspired by the ancient principle of meridians, which balances and integrates the mind through activation of vital energy channels through the body. Through brainwave entrainment, you can activate these energy centers and help your mind and body to function optimally. This is done with the help of a specially designed sound generator, which is used in conjunction with your Yoga and meditation postures. The brain responds to sound in a different way to that of visual stimuli, so both visual and auditory information can be used to achieve brainwave entrainment.

An Overview

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Brainwave entrainment allows the brain to function at a higher level because it is continually exposed to increasing levels of stress, tension, and noise. A highly advanced form of brainwave synchronization called Binaural Meditation is also used for brainwave entrainment. This involves slowing down the brain’s neural activity with the use of headphones and then boosting it with a special type of sound, which cannot be heard by the human ear. As the brain relaxes, it begins to respond to the sound, bringing the mind and body into a highly meditative state.

With regular practice of brain yoga asanas, a person can easily achieve the kind of mental and physical clarity that is required to perform better in school and everyday life. The reason why this form of meditation is particularly helpful is that it makes the practitioner to focus on the present moment. When you are not fully present in the moment, you tend to lose track of time, get distracted by things that don’t matter, and get sidetracked from your goals and ambitions.

Brain Yoga Exercises And Its Effects

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But when you are fully present in your mind and on your tasks at hand, you tend to be more productive, focused, alert and attentive. And one of the best ways to do this is to use brain exercises and yoga poses to achieve the best overall brain health. Binaural meditation, which uses two different tones of frequencies to hear in each ear, is a very effective brain exercise that helps to increase brain power. Using this brain exercise, you can train yourself to achieve the best brain power you can have.

This kind of exercise requires no special devices or setups. All you need is a quiet room and some quiet (but still noisy) background music. Close your eyes while doing the brain exercise and focus on your breathing. Concentrate on every fiber of your body and feel every sensation, every breath, as it happens. It may seem like it’s hard, but it’s nothing compared to brain power exercises you might have done before.

The effects of Binaural meditation actually begin long before you reach the level of consciousness. Because it allows your brain to become highly focused and alert, your mind becomes more receptive and accessible to learning new things. At first, your mind is trained to release negative thoughts and to develop a positive outlook. As you continue to practice this brain exercise, you begin to experience brain wave synchronization, which allows your brain to work at a much deeper level. And because brainwave synchronization also increases your overall brainpower, it becomes easier to learn new things, to solve new problems, and to deal with stress in general.

Binaural meditation is also very effective in increasing the quality and quantity of your sleep. A huge percentage of your brainpower is dedicated to the brainwave patterns it acquires during sleep. When your brain attains certain brainwave states, it gets much easier to fall asleep. As you increase the quality and quantity of your sleep, the quality and quantity of your brainpower increase as well, allowing your brain to function at a much higher level in both day and night. This is how yoga, together with other brainwave entrainment techniques, is able to improve your brainpower.

Bottom Line

The benefits of brain yoga exercise are endless. It improves your concentration, helps you relax, boosts your memory, and helps you achieve overall wellness. If you are looking to enhance your overall brain health, then incorporating brain yoga into your daily life is highly recommended. These practices have been scientifically proven to be extremely effective in helping people maintain high levels of mental acuity for a lifetime.

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