Chair Yoga – Good For Your Health

Chair Yoga – For Good Health

Chair yoga is a form of yoga on a chair or even standing using the chair. Lakshmi Voelker Binder introduced this practice. He invented this form of yoga back in 1982 when he noticed that one of his student agings in the ’30s had arthritis and was not comfortable in doing floor asanas. Chair yoga seems to be appropriate for students, office workers, people who are physically unfit to move or stand, and obese people also. Chair yoga practices are accessible at health centers, retirement centers, and adult daycare facilities. Various body movements like stretching, hip stretches, bending, and all are done being seated to the chair.

Health Advantages Of Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga – For Good Health
Chair Yoga – Good For Your Health

It is always good to look after the body even when time is the crisis. Chair yoga makes it all possible to work and exercise. All the busy, incapable, disabled people can take advantages of this yoga form to their limits. It provides better muscles strength, a great stretch, corrected sitting postures, developed breathing habits, improved sleep, reduced stress, and a state of healthy being.

Different Forms Chair Yoga

  • Chair Cat-Cow Stretch

Sit on a chair placing the hands on the thighs or the top of the knees and feet close to each other on the floor. While breathing in, bend the spine and move the shoulders back, making an arch. This is called cow stretch. Now, while breathing out, bend the spine forward, dropping the chin to the chest, allowing the shoulders and the head to move forward. This is called the cat stretch. These stretches, along with inhalation and exhalation are done for 3 – 5 times.

  • Chair Raised Hand Pose

While breathing in, raise the hands towards the ceilings allowing the shoulders to bend a little towards the back, keeping the sides straight. Do this for a few repetitions.

  • Chair Forward Bend

In this pose, the body bends forward while breathing out. The hands rest loosely over the legs on the floor. While inhaling, the arms are raised back over the shoulder, regaining the sitting posture. This process has to be followed a few times with the breath.

Poses Of Chair Yoga

  • Chair Extended Side Angle

Bend the body forward while seated. Place the left palm in front of the left foot. Opening the chest raise the right hand in the air towards the ceiling, twisting the body to the correct position, while breathing in. Retain the pose for several breaths and repeat the pose with opposite hands.

  • Chair Spinal Twist

Sit sideways on the chair facing in either right or left direction. Twist the body on the opposite direction holding on to the back of the chair tightly. This gives a good stretch and twist to the spine. Breathe in and stretch the spine, breathe out, and twist the spine. Repeat the process 5-6 times.

Chair Yoga – For Good Health
Chair Yoga – Good For Your Health
  • Chair Eagle

In this pose, cross the left thigh over the right one and the left foot on the right calf. After this, cross the right hand over the left, meeting at the elbow, letting the palms to touch. Lift the elbows and keeps the shoulders away from the ears.

  • Relaxation Pose

After completing all the poses, this chair yoga ends with the final relaxation pose. It is just like savasana. One has to close the eyes, placing the hands on the laps and remain in that pose for few mins. It is done to absorb the energy received from the poses and feel the vibes passing through the body.


Chair yoga has helped people in numerous ways despite their busy schedules, inability to move, and being diseased. It helps to fight anxiety, fatigue, dullness, hypertension, osteoporosis, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and much more. It has made life easier for people who give up hope easily. Chair yoga is the ultimate practice to turn your day good.

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