Choose From a List of Yoga Gear Brands

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Yoga enthusiasts who are new to yoga or are just beginning yoga should consider a few essential yoga gear brands when choosing their exercise gear. First, a few words about yoga gear brands and the difference between “activewear” and “active”. Yoga has come to the forefront as a trendy physical activity recently and many brands have jumped on the bandwagon to make a big splash in the industry. With yoga becoming so popular, manufacturers have opened up their lines of athletic and fitness wear that is geared towards yoga. This includes yoga mats, athletic bras, sweatpants and vests.

Know About Lululemon

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One of the most unique brand of yoga gear brands is called Lululemon. Lululemon has become a very popular name in the market of plus size clothes and accessories for women. They provide a wide selection of garments that fit into any lifestyle, including sports, work out and casual wears. Among their top selling items are the bodycon dresses, which are long line tops that offer women extra coverage and are comfortable.

The sales and profits of many yoga gear brands such as Lululemon has increased due to increases in demand and popularity of yoga. In order to increase sales, many companies have added yoga classes to their gyms or resort wellness centers to attract more people. However, by offering yoga classes and increasing profit levels, these companies have also contributed to the rising cost of health care and medicine by adding unnecessary operations and additional staff.

Organizations Dedicated To Promoting Environmental Responsibility

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Other yoga gear brands that are popular among those practicing yoga include those created by organizations dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility. Some examples of these companies include Ecover and Pest Control Pro, which sell organic cotton workout clothes and garments. These companies have worked hard to promote organic cotton and to lower the amount of pesticides used in the production of their products. They have reduced the amount of water used in their manufacturing by using recycled materials and by reusing materials whenever possible.

The Sanati LifeSite Company

Another example of yoga clothing companies that are becoming more environmentally conscious is the Sanati LifeSite Company. Sanati LifeSite sells both casual and activewear clothing that use certified organic cotton and hemp for the highest quality in a comfortable, eco-friendly fit. One of the unique items that this company markets is the “Soul Flower” yoga wear and shirts. These shirts are made with 100% organic cotton, sewn on an ethical fair-trade foundation and have sewn-in Dacron-Wool.

Carolina Morning has also become one of the leading brands in the yoga clothing industry. Carolina Morning’s products include casual and activewear ranging from leggings to tanks. The company works closely with local farms and works to reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals in the production of their organic clothing and accessories. Their t-shirts are made with a blend of certified organic cotton, hemp and Dacron-Wool. Their leggings are made with selvedge, a top-notch material that provides comfort and stretchability.

Final Words

There are many other certified organic cotton companies out there that make high quality, comfortable, and great looking clothes for yoga that you may want to consider as well. For example, Earthtones makes all of their products out of responsibly sourced organic cotton, including many of their bottoms. The “Eco-Cycle Basics” t shirt and tank top, which are both made from eco-friendly cotton, are among the best selling items on the planet. Bali International Clothing is made with only the finest natural cotton and the highest quality manufacturing processes. Each of these companies’ products are designed to last, make you feel great, and help the environment. If you are looking for yoga clothing that will last, look into one of these organic yoga brands.

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