Choosing Massage Balls – The Complete Guide

When it comes to choosing massage balls, many of us get clueless as to how to select the best ones. These are powerful tools used to get relief from back pain, shoulder pain and various other aches. People in ancient times used heated or chilled stones for massage. Today, there are various kinds of massage balls available in every texture, shape, material, and use. Some are made specifically for myofascial release, while some are used as physical therapy balls. These are very effective in getting permanent cures in hard-to-reach areas of your body. They make you more flexible and reduce your pain. With proper use of massage balls, one can prevent risky surgeries too.

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Choosing Massage Balls – The Complete Guide

Choosing Massage Balls


You can choose from different sizes of massage balls based on the part of the body you are working on. For example, if you want to massage your hands, feet or forearms, you should opt for a ball sized like a golf ball or a lacrosse ball. If you want to massage your calves, buttocks, upper and lower back hamstrings, neck or abdomen, you should opt for a massage ball-sized just like a tennis ball or a baseball. If you want to massage your chest and shoulders, you should choose a large massage ball of the diameter 4 inches.


You also need to choose massage balls based on their weight. The heavier the ball, the more likely is it to remain stationary. Solid balls are preferable to the hollow ones as they have greater weight.


A smooth massage ball is ideal to control as it can glide easily. You need to apply pressure on the ball to massage your body parts. Do not fall prey to balls with bumps or protrusions as a smoother ball is easy to control. Bumps or protrusions do not help in relieving your pain. You need to work around the aching area to relieve the pressure. For such movements, a smoother massage ball is best.


Also, choose a ball with a good grip. Choose one that does not glide easily. Only when you use pressure to control its movements, can it benefit it. One that glides easily may keep falling off your body. It is best to go for a natural rubber massage ball as you get a good grip on it.


Each body part responds to a different kind of hardness. As your body heals and you gain flexibility over your tissues, you would prefer to go in for a harder massage ball. It is best to go for softer ones for injured tissues. The hardness of a massage ball is measured with an instrument known as a durometer.

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16cm PVC Inflatable Massage Half Balls

Choosing Massage Balls – The Complete Guide

If you want a good quality massage ball then you can consider buying these 16 cm inflatable ones. These are made from PVC material and have a unique design. These are perfect for relaxing and massaging at the same time for good blood circulation. You can get them in various colors such as gold, blue, green, orange, purple, pink, red and dark grey.

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