Fun Yoga For Kids: A Growing Trend

Fun Yoga for Kids

The role of technology was supposed to make life easier. But these days, kids are becoming more and more dependent on gadgets for everything. The passion for outdoor games has also decreased. So, to fulfill the need for regular physical activity, Yoga for kids is a great way. Yoga for kids is a fun way for the kids to learn something new. Making new friends is also easy for kids practicing yoga together.

Fun Yoga for Kids
Fun Yoga For Kids: A Growing Trend

The Necessity Of Yoga For Kids

In this fast-developing world, kids have to go through a lot. Therefore, handling distractions, fears, and pressure is not natural. The pressure from the school for studies and sports can be stressful sometimes. So, Yoga for kids is a solution as it not only stabilizes the mind but gives physical fitness also.  It helps in managing stress through meditation and breathing.

Benefits Of Yoga For Kids At Home

  • The primary problem parents go through is the attachment of kids with gadgets. The free time of kids can be utilized by practicing yoga instead of playing videogames.
  • Through Yoga, children will get to know much more about their bodies.
  • Yoga helps in building concentration. This way, yoga can help in studies too.

Benefits At School

  • In schools, it can help kids by increasing their confidence.
  • When organized in a group, Yoga for them makes them feel part of a friendly group.
  • It is an excellent way to unite teaching and exercise.
  • Handling children also become easy by indulging them in Yoga

Qualities Learned By Yoga

  • Concentration and Awareness: By breathing and movement exercises, awareness is developed. The sense to balance between what is heard and done is achieved by it.
  • Relaxation and Meditation: Meditation introduces the quality of calmness in kids. Being calm and gentle results in better productivity of the individual.
  • Excitation and Strengthening: Itis not only helpful in balancing, but strength is also increased by it. So, the body will work better with fewer injuries.

Poses Of Yoga

  1. Boat Pose: Sit with hips touching the ground. Now raise arms and legs in the air.
  2. Bow Pose: Lie on the stomach facing downwards. Bend the knees while lifting the chest. Hold the toes of feet with hands backward.
  3. Cobbler’s Pose or Butterfly Pose: Sit on the ground with the bottom of the feet placed together. Calmly flap the legs like wings of a butterfly.
  4. Knees to Chest Pose: Lay flat on the surface with back touching the ground. Bend the knees and pull them towards the chest. Now start cycling with your legs in the air.
Fun Yoga for Kids
Fun Yoga For Kids: A Growing Trend


It is equally beneficial for the kids as well as adults. This should be considered a fun activity rather than a hardcore workout. Poses of yoga can also be changed according to need and ability. Yoga encourages the children to show their creative and sporty side. With some general precautions, it can be the most fun and knowledgeable activity. It also pushes children to indulge more in outdoor games. They get to know their surroundings and also enjoy that.

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