Fun Yoga Mats – Invest In The Best Ones

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Yoga has become a fitness sensation in terms of exercising and healthy living. More people across the world are adapting to the practice of Yoga and the various poses associated with it to achieve their physical and mental fitness goals. It is also one of those exercise disciplines that requires the least use of equipment. The only things ever needed are a good pair of yoga mats. However, since the emergence of Yoga worldwide, these mats have been adapted into several renditions making exercise more fun. Here are some of these different fun yoga mats.

Standard Version Of Fun Yoga Mats

Tracing the origins of Yoga, from the land of India and in ancient times, the yogis used to do the practice either on the bare surface of earth or on rugs made of animal skin. Developing further and into a modern sphere of society, these arrangements became costly and concerning. However, there remains a subtle requirement of having a cover for the surface while doing yoga practices to control temperature invariance and unnecessary pressure. The standard synthetic fabric mats are the best choice to fulfill the requirement. These are used in some bright color combinations and are resistant to water and sweat.

Round Shaped

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This version of the Yoga mat is specifically devised for people who love to have fun with their yoga sessions and tend to maintain it on an all-around basis. These round versions of fun yoga mats allow a full range of movement and a dynamic cover and are also able to handle better bulk. These mats provide much more padded protection to the back than other rectangular designs. They are also meant for better relaxation and pranayama practices that are centered among all kinds of Yoga poses. They work very well for cooling downtimes.

Square Shaped Fun Yoga Mats

These mats are specifically for those who need more space with their yogic practices. Well, being almost the size of a double bed-sheet, they have a utility for a partnered yoga session. This special requirement arises while training or practicing with children, assisting physical patients, or during partnered poses. So these mats are kind of unique in a way that is not specifically related to the space provided by them to the user. They are also preferred by some advanced instructors who may have experience with some untouched and rare poses.

Extra Thick 

These fun yoga mats come with an extra level of endurance and forbearance for the dynamic weight and center of gravity points for individuals. They have a thick layer of padding and can especially be used by practitioners with a low skin thickness that hurts along the joints, soles, and heels during various poses. This means that they are an excellent choice for the elderly ones as well.


As yoga continues to evolve, it is important to know the only thing needed with it which is mats. It will only help in reaping more benefits from the practice at a lesser cost of pain and ease of effort

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