Healing Your Nervous Systems Through Hatha Yoga

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Are you interested in finding a Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training School? There are many therapeutic yoga studios, teachers, and travel courses available today. The first step in deciding to pursue yoga instruction is choosing a studio or teacher training school that suits your needs. Therapeutic Yoga can range from gentle flowing movements to power-packed workouts for maximum cardiovascular and immune system benefits.

Wide Variety Of Training Available

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If you are interested in the benefits of therapeutic yoga exercises there is a wide variety of training available to you. The Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training program at GoldMed Labs, founded by Donna Richardson, is a great way to gain experience teaching individuals the techniques of therapeutic yoga exercises. The teacher training program at GoldMed Labs is accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Donna has served as a yoga instructor and health consultant for several years.

The restorative yoga training at GoldMed Labs focuses on calming and soothing the mind. Restorative yoga teachers instruct a variety of styles of gentle yoga exercises. The gentle style is designed for people who may have difficulty staying motivated with the more physically demanding style of restorative yoga training. Both styles teach students how to focus on their breathing and concentration to help them heal naturally. The therapeutic yoga training at GoldMed includes a variety of workshops that help teachers and students understand the relationship between the breath, the body, and mind.

The goal of therapeutic yoga therapy is to create a state of harmony and tranquility. Therapeutic yoga therapy is a complement to other forms of natural healing, such as massage, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, and traditional Chinese medicine. Therapeutic yoga therapy helps you strengthen your body and connect with your own mind, heart, and spirit. It can be used as a complementary treatment for medical conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and heart disease. Therapeutic yoga therapy also can benefit people with substance abuse problems, eating disorders, and anxiety and depression.

At the conclusion of the first training program, you will be able to practice basic yoga poses with a trained instructor. You will have the opportunity to work with various yoga teachers, but you will master the most important skills: to safely perform the basic poses, as well as to move in the sequence of movements. At this point, you should already have a basic understanding of your body’s position in space and you should know that yoga posture corresponds to which basic pose. You should also have familiarity with guided meditation level 2.


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The benefits of therapeutic yoga for the nervous systems are impressive. It is an excellent method of relieving stress, improving strength and flexibility, improving circulation, and boosting energy while reducing fatigue. It is also good for weight loss, as it increases metabolism and stimulates the thyroid and pancreas to produce more energy. If you are considering learning more about these systems, it would be wise to consult with an experienced hatha yoga teacher who can help you choose an appropriate series of poses to improve your condition. If you want to know more about healing your nervous systems through hatha yoga, contact a local hatha yoga teacher today.

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