Health Yoga: All You Need To Know About It

Health Yoga: All You Need To Know About It

Health Yoga, or Hatha Yoga, is the easiest to master and, therefore, often the first Yoga to get people started. It is considered the foundation of all Yoga practices. So, if you’re interested in learning Yoga, Health Yoga is a good starting point.

Achieving A State Awareness And Ease: Health Yoga

Yoga, or more specifically, Hatha Yoga, is a form of Yoga that allows you to achieve a state of awareness and ease. In short, it is about being in the moment. If you are not able to maintain a state of awareness and ease, Health Yoga is not for you.

Health Yoga: All You Need To Know About It
Health Yoga: All You Need To Know About It

Styles And Different Levels Of Difficulty

As you can imagine, Yoga History has lots of different styles and different levels of difficulty. So the Yoga History section of this website should be sufficient to give you some idea of what you will be getting into. Of course, there are many more styles and levels than I have on my website. These are just the most commonly known ones.

Intermediate Level For Beginners: Health Yoga

When it comes to the levels of difficulty for Hatha Yoga, what is normally referred to as Intermediate is the level for beginners? Hatha Yoga exercises are based on slow, controlled breathing. You may be wondering why I say slow. The breath is slow because it allows you to relax.

Health Yoga: All You Need To Know About It
Health Yoga: All You Need To Know About It

Levels Of Hatha Yoga: Health Yoga

When you start studying Yoga History, you may be thinking that you want to learn Basic Hatha Yoga. Well, in this case, you would be correct. But, there are also more advanced levels of Hatha Yoga.

Your third level of Hatha Yoga would be the Intermediate level. Many beginners, especially beginners who are only beginning to learn Yoga history, will learn to use Basic Hatha Yoga as their base before moving onto advanced levels.

Advanced Yoga History

Your fourth level of Yoga History would be advanced Yoga History. While the name of this level does suggest that you should be at the advanced level already, there are other levels of Yoga History, which are based on the Advanced level.

For example, the Intermediate level Yoga History would be Hatha Yoga, which is based on Breath Meditation. In contrast, the Advanced level of Hatha Yoga would be Advanayoga, which is based on Pranayama. Then there is the level of Yoga History called Vinyasa, which is based on Fast Yoga.

Tantra Yoga

Not to be left out, the fifth level of Yoga History would be Tantra Yoga. Tantra Yoga is probably the next level after Vinyasa and before Pranayama.

So, in summary, we have the following five levels of Yoga History, one for each of the six legs of Yoga History. And you can see why I say that the beginner level of Hatha Yoga should be enough for you to begin. After that, you can always move up a level if you wish.

Yoga History

While this might seem like an easy way to go about Yoga History, it isn’t. This level of Yoga is one of the hardest levels to master, and therefore not all beginners are capable of mastering it. If you are beginning Yoga history, it’s best to start at the very bottom and work your way up, not back down.

Final Words

With that being said, if you are new to Yoga, I highly recommend starting with Basic Hatha Yoga and then working your way up to the next level as you would for any other discipline. That way, you will have plenty of practice in a variety of Yoga styles and levels and hopefully avoid the pitfalls. This way, you can get in touch with your body and learn from your body.

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