Heres How You Can Pick The Right Yoga Teacher Training

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There are many yoga lover all over the world who join and participate in lively Yoga teacher training and also gain various skills and energy which they can share with their students in different parts of the world. As we know yoga practices are not easy to learn it is important to have a desirable teacher who can convey the instructions clearly for the other so that it becomes easier for them to understand. So if you want to be a good teacher you need to enroll in vibrant yoga training program. So before you join the right yoga teacher training it is important for you to know some of the things that we will discuss in this article. Read it and then you can decide on the right teacher training course for yourself.

How Will Your Yoga Teacher Training Course Will Be?

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It could be 200- hour, 300-hour or even 500-hour. These are perhaps the number that will determine the length of each yoga teacher training course. It is seen that most of the yogis start with a 200-hour course and if you want to teach then you should know that most of the yoga studios need teacher that have a minimum of 200-hour yoga teacher training. A 300-hour course is suitable for the intermediate or the advanced yogis since it gets more into anatomy and asanas. There are also some schools that need the participant to first complete a 200-hour course before taking the 300-hour. You can also do the 500-hour program where you can mix the 200-hour and 300-hour successively. 

You need to keep in kind that with more hours into the course the longer will be the length of time that you will have to spend. A 200-hour course is usually 20 to 30 days long whereas a 300-hour course is between 30 to 40 days. For a 500-hour training course will have to attend for up to 70 days long.

What Kinds Of Yoga You Can Teach

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So what kinds and styles of yoga are you most interested in practicing and teaching? One of the most popular yoga teacher training is the Hatha yoga tradition, but even the other styles are now getting popularity. If you like athletic style of yoga an Ashtanga yoga teacher training wil be the best for you. If you want to focus on meditation, awareness, breath then you may like to try the Kundalini yoga teacher training. Another popular style of yoga is the Bikram yoga which was popularized by Bikram Choudhury with Bikram yoga schools opening all over the United States and worldwide.

So whatever type of yoga you choose you need to be sure to pick the one that will resonate with you and with your practice. It is important that you choose a style of yoga that you can maintain in your day to day practice. So here are some of the things that you should know before you pick the yoga teacher training since it needs focus and dedication.

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