How To Choose Your Best Yoga Mat And Practice Yoga With It

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How To Choose Your Best Yoga Mat? Well, it depends on what kind of yoga you want to practice.

I like Mandukas – and have different ones for different kinds of yoga – one is my beach mat – one is my Iyengar mat, one is my hot mat (but I am very disappointed with their new eQua – doesn’t do what is supposed to.). have a couple of Manduka travel mats – and my friend has a Manduka.

When I private teach and they don’t have a mat – they get one of my first Manduka (71″) to practice on – got two of those.

Be mindful of your height – you should be able to lay down and be on your mat – most mats are 71″ – I’m 6′3″, so I always get the 85″ manduka.

Choosing The Best Yoga Mat And Practice Yoga With It
Choosing The Best Yoga Mat And Practice Yoga With It

How To Choose Your Best Yoga Mat : The Love of Manduka

There are other brands I have tried, but I stick with Maduka (even though they have failed with the eQua). I lifeform had an 85″ that would be my Iyengar mat (I use the Wave pattern manduka for that – cheats and gives you lines)

And so I bought a 20 dollar mat, those that Gaiam sells in Barnes and Noble, and it worked pretty well. But as the practice began to stick and I got more seriously involved with it, the cheap mat broke. Or I “lost it” one of those.

The point is, I had to find something a little more sturdy. I heard of the Manduka black mats, and they look wonderful but too heavy for me. So I got a Manduka travel, which is slightly lighter, and I wouldn’t say I liked that one because it was slippery. And it began to peel off too easily with the daily sweat and two-hour-long practice at that time.

So I tried a different one. I bought a Jade. A purple Jade. That one has lasted me now for about three solid years of daily use, and it’s beginning to show the use!

Choosing The Best Yoga Mat And Practice Yoga With It
Choosing The Best Yoga Mat And Practice Yoga With It

The Love For My Preference-

So I am now finally considering making a move into the black Manduka, which is heavy . But has traction and does not tear easily. It is a pain in the neck for travel because of how heavy it is. But for home practice, it will do.

The cost has kept me away too from the switch because it is expensive!

When I travel, I use whatever I find. By the way, in hotels, or from friends, or another of those 20 dollar mats.

I think the question is not so much what mat I should use. But rather how committed am I to the practice?

Because of the commitment is not to a daily practice. Then any mat will do. And if the practice got hold of you so that you will do it daily, then the right mat will come to you. It has no choice. Therefore grabbing the one which fit your criteria the best. And start practicing from today itself. JUST DO IT

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