Is Yoga Eye Exercise Safe

Yoga eye exercise is one of many techniques used in yoga for vision improvement. There have been numerous reports about the effectiveness of this type of exercise in improving eyesight. There have been claims of improvement in the coordination of the eyes, coordination of both eyes, better visual acuity, better vision for near and far distant objects, and better refractive error. However, definitive clinical studies into these claims in recent literature are quite lacking.

Facts And Studies About Yoga Eye Exercise

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In fact, the best study we know of comparing the effects of yoga eye exercise to conventional eye exercises was conducted by Dr. Arthur Waldo, who was an optical engineer. He performed two controlled tests of a yoga eye exercise program for patients with presbyopia. Both studies had the same participants, but only one of them included a control group, the other one did not.

The first study showed significant improvement in vision improvement over a four-week period. The participants reported an average improvement of ten in their ability to see close up objects. The participants said that they noticed the improvement almost immediately, although they said that it might take some time before they could notice a real improvement in their vision.

The second study focused on improving visual acuity. Participants were instructed to do exercises in addition to regular eye exercises to improve the visual acuity of the eyes. They were told that a twenty-minute meditation each day could help improve the visual acuity. The subjects also completed questionnaires each morning about their perceptions of their visual acuity.

Tested Results From Yoga Eye Exercise

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The results showed that while there was no improvement in vision improvement from the yoga exercise, the subjects improved their perception of their vision significantly. When they were asked about their vision improvement, they said that they noticed a significant improvement in their visual acuity after just four weeks of doing yoga eye exercises. They also said that they noticed that the effects of the practice lasted for at least three months. These results are quite promising, but as a result of this, the studies were terminated.

Studies involving the use of eye patches or eyewear have shown that even if the vision improvement is not caused by improvements in the eye’s function, it is still good for the patients. This makes yoga eye exercises particularly important for those suffering from presbyopia or other presbyopia related eye conditions.

The results of these studies have been shown in many recent years, but are not conclusive. There is much more research needed to fully understand the effect of this type of exercise, especially because most of the studies of vision improvement have not included controlled studies.

Eye exercises for the eyes need to be carefully controlled. Since this form of exercise has not been scientifically proven, more testing of its effects is needed.

Benefits Of Yoga Eye Exercise

There is one form of eye exercise that has shown positive results in patients who suffer from presbyopia. The eye exercise program called the Iyengar yoga series uses specific stretches and poses in order to train the eye muscles. By doing this, the muscles that control eye movements and vision can strengthen and help the eyes become better.

There are many people who choose to include this type of eye exercise in their overall routine in order to improve their vision improvement. They have found that this particular form of exercise can improve the quality of their vision and increase their ability to focus their eyes.

The benefits of eye exercises are not just limited to presbyopia or other eye related problems. Studies also show that yoga eye exercises can benefit those who suffer from sleep apnea, cataracts and macular degeneration, the most common type of glaucoma. While the results of these types of eye problems vary among people, the positive results that have been achieved in some cases show improvements after as little as six weeks of practice.


There are many types of eye exercises, but not all of them are safe for everyone. It is best to consult with a doctor before starting a routine, so that you are sure that your eyes will be safe to use. A good doctor can give you information about what you should expect from the type of eye exercise that you choose.

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