Kundalini: Yoga Of Self Awareness

Kundalini: Yoga of Self Awareness

Out of the many forms of yoga practiced since ages, Kundalini is one of the best and highest forms of yoga. Kundalini stands for the energy that lies coiled in the spine. Kundalini yoga is not a simple form but blends of many different types. This yoga is the union of Bhakti yoga, Shakti yoga, and Raja yoga. One can say it’s a blend of meditation, devotion, and expression of energy.

Origin Of Kundalini

Kundalini: Yoga of Self Awareness
Kundalini: Yoga of Self Awareness

Although, we do not know the actual root of Kundalini but references of it are found in the historical Upanishads- A Sacred Indian text. According to Upanishads, Kundalini deals with the science of spirituality and energy-related philosophies.

Purpose Of Kundalini Yoga

Going to a proper Kundalini session helps the practitioner in more than one way. It gives mental peace equivalent to therapy. Furthermore, the enjoyment of a fun workout session with singing is also a part of it. By regular practice of Kundalini, the person can reach the peak of creative abilities. It also provides yogi freedom from the effects of events that happened in the past. Once awakened by Kundalini, the person also attains the knowledge of purpose in life.

How Kundalini Works

It is based on the fact that spiritual forces are placed at the base of the spine. Kundali or female energy represents the spine in the form of a coiled snake. The main aim of this type of yoga is to arise the energies present in the spine as there are six chakras of energy present along the spine. People also call the seventh chakra as the Crown. Chakras are centers of power through which energy travels. Secondly, chakras also help in the distribution of energy throughout the body.

Techniques Of Kundalini

Firstly, this prepares the body and nervous system, along with the mind. All this preparation is to handle the energy generated by Kundali Rising. Every session starts with tuning in or chanting, and the mantra for chanting is Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. And during that, eyes are closed, and hands near the heart.

Wearing White Clothes For Kundalini

Traditionally, people wear white clothes for this kind of yoga practice. The basic idea behind this is that colors affect consciousness. Every color represents a different type of energy and emotion. So, the idea was to contain spirituality of all the colors together.

 Meditation Mantra

Kundalini: Yoga of Self Awareness
Kundalini: Yoga of Self Awareness

Another beautiful mantra that during meditation is Sa Ta Na Ma. This mantra contains the whole life cycle of the universe. As Sa stands for infinity, Ta is for life whereas Na represents death and Ma is for rebirth. The technique of chanting this mantra uses arms — the position of arms changes with every word. 

Benefits Of Kundalini

The postures use pranayama or breathwork. Through these postures, one can activate the spinal cord, navel, and energy points of the body. It is helpful in distribution, controlling the flow and release of energy. Also, it cleanses the mind from feelings that cause unhappiness. So the feelings of selfishness, anger, and lust are thrown out of the brain and a clear mind is obtained, which is much more productive.


Practicing it has enormous benefits. By this, a person indulges in an activity that can purify the thoughts and emotions. Any fear that is an obstacle in self-growth can easily be removed. It is a fun and effective way to socialize with others. And just like the name suggests, it makes the person shed the old skin. The practitioner is introduced to a newer and better version of themselves.

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