Lungs Exercise Yoga – Keeping Your Lungs Free From Problems

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While the entire world is battling a virus that disturbs the lung capacity and takes away the life itself, it is time we start focusing on workout and yoga aspects that will act as Lung exercises. All of us have come to an understanding that strengthening our lungs is of utmost importance to breathe through all such issues. Now, yoga is a combination of breathing practices and physical postures intending to help both mind and body in maintaining equilibrium. In this article, we will be discussing lungs exercise yoga and how it works.

Why The Lung

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You have to note that keeping the lungs healthy is a part of surviving through a coronavirus pandemic situation. The excess phlegm particles in the lungs and respiratory area will lead to the body being a breathing area for any pathogen type. Since we are undergoing partial or full lockdown and considering the advice for social distancing and to stay at home, it would be best to perform yoga to keep your lungs healthy and break down any mucus in the lungs and expel it out of the body.

Why Yoga

The asanas involved in yoga focus on abdominal and breathing and make sure it is effectively performed to gain control of the breadth and rectify any wrong breeding habits you may have. This will further increase the intake of oxygen. You have multiple yoga workouts that will expect you to stand, sit or lie down and that not only strengthens your back and stomach muscles but also increases the lung capacity. If you practice them regularly, then you can refine breathing by improving the inhalation and exhalation process, lung muscles and meanwhile, you can also try several respiratory disorders like sinus, cold, and asthma.

Postures To Follow

The first poster would be a sukhasana where you sit in a cross-leg sitting pose and continue to inhale while pulling your shoulders back and expanding your chest. Ten, you like hell and try to touch your forehead to the knee.

Then, you can try the bhujangasana which is usually termed as the cobra pose. You lie flat and place your head on the ground and you pick up your body from the torso with pressure on your Palms. You have to sit on this post for at least 15 to 30 seconds.

Then, you can try the fish pose which requires you to lie on your back and lift your head and chest up while breathing in. You will have an arched back while doing it and this will help you maintain the balance in your body.


It is safe to say that yoga can be a solution to several respiratory problems and other issues in your body. It is just that you have to be consistent about continuing the yoga and if you are not comfortable doing it on your own and if you have doubts, you can always look for an expert available in your nearest proximity.

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