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There are a number of online yoga schools out there today. But which ones are really reliable? Can we trust online yoga schools to deliver what they claim they will? Which ones offer a safe learning environment and how do we know that they’re abiding by the safety rules and regulations of an organization like the Yoga Alliance? The following information will help you find the best online yoga school for you!

Any online yoga school with a mission statement that says they are dedicated to providing “a complete and comprehensive” yoga experience will have to meet both those requirements and more. These online yoga schools are accredited by the Yoga Alliance and all of them are 200 hours of yoga teacher training certification online unless noted otherwise. Yoga Alliance is the biggest non-profit governed organization of yoga, representing the worldwide yoga community.

An Overview

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It’s not required to take a pre-recorded class at an online yoga school, but it sure helps if they offer a complete course of study that includes pre-recorded online training. The Yoga Alliance pre-recorded courses teach the Ashtanga style of yoga, Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga. Not only do these classes help you understand the different styles of yoga, they help you get started in the right direction and they give you a good idea of what is involved with Vinyasa or Hatha yoga before you begin learning it at home.

There’s a difference between teaching someone the correct technique for an Asana and teaching someone the correct technique for doing Chaturanga Dandasana (stress elimination). Chaturanga Dandasana is a power yoga technique that was derived from the teachings of Patanjali and is ideal for beginners. On the other hand, Ashtanga is more suited to those who are already doing some type of yoga training at the online yoga school. A well-prepared Ashtanga teacher would have a better understanding of what Chaturanga Dandasana entails and would be able to make the technique understandable to an aspiring Ashtanga student.

Online Yoga Teacher Facts

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The Ashtanga style of yoga consists of very intense physical exercises, controlled breathing and asanas that are performed very quickly. Although these poses may be difficult, they burn a lot of calories, build strength and can even help tone the body. Ashtanga training requires a lot of determination and can be extremely challenging. If you’ve never done Ashtanga before, then you should consider taking an advanced course first where you can get some good experience. Many people who have become professional yoga teachers started off their training by doing Ashtanga.

Vinyasa yoga renews the energy and provides deep relaxation. Vinyasa refers to a sequence of movements that is flowing and involves many transitions. The Ashtanga training provided by online yoga teacher training certifications will consist of Vinyasa, Hatha vinyasa and flow yoga or power yoga. In order to master these styles, it is important to do a lot of practice and get some self-trained at an Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga class first. Once you feel confident about going into a self-paced class at an Ashtanga online school, you can decide to enroll in a regular vinyasa class.

When you enrol in an online course at an Ashtanga or Vinyasa online school, the instructor will lead you through the sequence of poses one step at a time. You may choose to start with a beginner yoga class and progress to more advanced yoga sessions. The teacher will go over philosophy and basic anatomy while explaining the various Ashtanga postures and their proper execution. The theory behind this is that when you stretch and twist certain muscles, your body will release the muscle knots that keep you limber. It also helps to know that there are seven major chakras and each chakra corresponds to a major muscle group.

Bottom Line

The best part about online yoga teacher training programs is that they allow you to complete your assignments on your own time. This means you don’t have to rush through your learning experience. Since there are no rigid class hours, you can set your own pace of learning and progress at your own pace. If you want to become a better yoga practitioner, taking a course like this from an accredited online school is the best part of getting started with yoga.

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