Practicing Hot Yoga: Different Ways To Do It

Practicing Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a modern form of yoga that is practiced in hot and humid temperatures, which in result leads to profuse sweating. People believe that the sweating helps in detoxification of the body and helps the muscles to relax. Hot yoga is all about maintaining a rhythm between mind, body, and soul. Different poses that comprise a set in various forms of hot yoga helps to achieve awareness in different parts of the body. Unlike any other yoga, this form of yoga cultivates the idea of better health, concentration, and energized confidence.

Types Of Hot Yoga

Practicing Hot Yoga
Practicing Hot Yoga: Different Ways To Do It
  • Forrest yoga

This form of yoga elaborates on retaining a pose for a considerably more extended period. The set consists of 20 poses which on repetition accentuates the stretching of equal sides of the body.

  • Yin Yoga

This form is practiced in a warm room. This is generally a slower form of yoga practice in which the poses are carried out in a gradual manner retaining them for the longer time duration. The number of poses is comparatively less than other forms lasting from 1-5 minutes or sometimes even longer than that.

  • Bikram Yoga

A single session of Bikram Yoga takes 90 minutes to complete. There are 26 poses and two breathing exercises at a room temperature of 40*. The sequence of the moves remains the same in all the Bikram classes. The end of the course is after performing Savasana (corpse pose) for two minutes. The reason for keeping the temperature so high is because the warm environment helps the body with movements of the poses.

More Forms Of Hot Yoga

  • Moksha Yoga

Another name for moksha yoga is Modo Yoga. It comprises of 40 different poses. It provides a complete cardiovascular workout. It also helps in reducing stress by gaining calmness of mind. Unlike Bikram yoga, the classes are not scripted; therefore, they can vary. It consists of moksha flow, silent classes, classes with music, Ashtang foundation, and meditation sessions.

Moksha yoga is more than exercise. It is more of a social aspect in the form of karma classes that it provides once a week. It further supports organizations like holistic health, human rights, and sustainability.

  • Barkan method

It integrates the postures from another form of yoga to create a disparity, ingenious, and vast range of motion. This method brings a vital balance and reinstates all the systems to optimal health.

  • Core Power Yoga

This form of yoga strengthens the mind-body and soul. Despite being so strenuous, the feeling of exhaustion is not there because it involves the spiritual and meditational elements of Indian practice.

  • Baptize Yoga

This form of hot yoga is done with studio temp set to mid-’90s. Its emphasis lays on authentic captivation to the mental and physical self. In this form of yoga, the vigorous movements connect with breath incorporating flexibility, balance, strength, and mental focus in each session.


Practicing Hot Yoga
Practicing Hot Yoga: Different Ways To Do It

The main objective of hot yoga is to attain a rhythmic balance between all parts of the body. The learners of hot yoga learn how to communicate between mind and body. Some people have thoughts that this form of yoga helps in losing weight also, but no studies have certified on this basis yet.

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