Practicing Karma Yoga: A Path To Spirituality?

Practicing Karma Yoga

Karma yoga the key path of yoga that guru follows. The name derived from Sanskrit term meaning act or deed. Karma yoga is the most helpful way to build up holiness. This form of yoga requires that the practitioner must not get attached to the result. It is an ancient concept. The main motive of practicing this is to give your 100% for others without thinking about the outcomes. Practicing in this way is considered the right way to move toward services and get rid of impurities.

Practicing Karma Yoga
Practicing Karma Yoga: A Path To Spirituality?

Advantages Of Karma Yoga

  • Karma yoga helps in getting rid away of impurities and helps in purifying the heart
  • This form takes away all the negative feeling like ego, hatred, and disappointments.
  • It helps in collecting good qualities like love, humanity, and tolerance
  • Karma yoga helps in broaden the viewpoint toward life
  • It helps you in understanding yourself and feels happiness

How To Build Good Karma And Create Happiness

To build good karma, a person needs to follow this practice daily. Life is all about what you give; it is not about what you get. There are simple ways to make good karma and create happiness.

  • Give compliment-Start giving compliments if you have never done it before. Appreciate everybody for doing something well and create positivity. Creating positivity and appreciating doesn’t cost anything.
  • Make a Good Recommendation. Make good recommendations. Reviewing and recommending something will help a lot of people.
  • Just start working- Start working; don’t wait for anybody to tell you to begin working. Look for part-time or full-time jobs.
  • Offer a thankyou- Make a habit of saying thank you to everyone who is working for you. Be it a driver who gets a car from a parking lot or a person who gets your meal prepared. This thankyou will make others feel positive about you.
  • Give away something valuable- Start sharing something useful with others. If you something that is not important for you but can help others share with them. It can be any valuable information.
  • Listen-Try to listen to others as well. Listening can be the greatest gift to offer someone- actively listen to what others have to say.
  • Offer Forgiveness- Offering forgiveness is the best way to spread good karma. Forgive people for sending negative vibes to you.
Practicing Karma Yoga
Practicing Karma Yoga: A Path To Spirituality?

Basic Principle Of Karma yoga

  • Think Well-Working with the right attitude is the main principle of this form of yoga. Stay away from harmful behavior like anger, fear, and envy. A rather welcome positive attitude like discipline and patience.
  • Have pure motive- When a person is doing something, what’s more, important is to know the reason for doing it. Don’t think about its benefits.
  • Be Duty Bound- Do what you are required to do. Carry out your duties correctly with attention. Completing your work is essential.
  • Give your best- when you are performing something, give your best in it. Make the best use of your abilities and make proper use of them in activities you are playing. Don’t get afraid of disapproval.
  • Forget about the result- Don’t think about the outcome perform your duties well and with dedication.
  • Serve all- Respect others the way you want to get respect. Communicate with people and understand their thoughts and ideas without judging them


Karma yoga is a selfless action performed for others’ benefit. It helps the practitioner reaching moksha. Yoga helps in getting rid of impurities and purifying the mind. It takes away all the negative qualities.

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