Sun Salutation Yoga Poses

Sun salutation is a part of sun yoga. Sun sun yoga was developed in India by rishis . It has been used as the primary Yoga for many years. The sun salutations are effective to treat health problems like asthma, obesity, blood pressure etc.Even it helps to attain our lost sun energy which reduces stress and makes our body flexible and supple.

Sun salutation yoga has sun, moon, fire and water elements in it . It is a sequence of Yoga postures that is considered as the most important sun yoga pose.Vinyasa sun salutation is practised with weight bearing on the toes and hands , while standing sun salutation is done with the weight on the heels and palms. The sun salutation yoga pose strengthens the body, focuses on torso strength, stress ,strength of lower back, flexibility ,firm abs.

Merging Sun’s Energy

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Sun Yoga is a mixed sun & moon yoga pose which merges sun energy with cosmic or lunar energy. The sun salutation yoga poses can be done by beginners as well as advanced yogis.

First sun salutations of sun sun yoga are performed with inhalation and one after the other.And last sun sun yoga poses are done with exhalation .The best time to perform sun sun yoga is early morning or at noon when sun energy is most powerful.The sun sun Yoga should be started on an empty stomach ,after taking a bath.But sun sun yoga poses can also be done with milk .The sun sun yoga poses are performed in sequence.

Sun Salutation Benefits

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Sun Yoga or sun salutation benefits include energy, stress relief ,increases mental clarity, calms the mind ,improves flexibility and is beneficial to maintain a healthy weight.

Other benefits of sun sun yoga are it reduces sun sun yoga pose pain , sun sun yoga pose for fatigue, sun sun yoga poses are beneficial at high blood pressure ,reduces anxiety and depression .

Sun Yoga Pose which should be performed in sun salutation are utkatasana , ardha baddha padmottanasana, vakrasana ,uttanasana, paschimottanasana sun sun yoga pose , ardha matsyendrasana and sarvangasana.

The sun yoga poses in sun salutation are utkatasan, chaturanga dandasan, urdhva mukha svanasana ,adho mukha vakrasana and bhujangasana sun yoga pose , supta baddha konasana sun sun yoga pose, paschimottan sun sun yoga pose (at least 6 rounds) .

Circular Motion

Do sun salutation in a circular motion.And while doing the sun salutation keep your mind at a single point and breathe normally.After completing sun sun yoga perform some relaxing postures like shavasana sun sun yoga pose ,bitilasan sun yoga pose.

Sun salutation sun sun yoga is a combination of a series of Yoga poses which boosts the blood circulation, increases flexibility and strengthens your body.Sun Yoga activates pranic energy in our body and gives us youthful looks.Sun sun Yoga is a good sun sun yoga pose for all age groups .

Final Verdict

So let’s start sun sun yoga today and feel the power of the sun inside us.

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