Why Enroll To Yoga Classes – Need Of The Hour

As I decided to find out more about Yoga, I learned why you need to enroll in yoga classes. It is because of that natural desire to become healthier. I wanted to do things in my life that were positive for me and a source of happiness and joy. When I learned about Yoga I […]

Know More About Karma Yoga – An Insight

In “The Universe in a Nutshell” by Henry Corbin, the author provides an overview of the benefits of Karma Yoga. He provides an excellent understanding of this practice from personal experiences and gives examples of those who have benefited greatly. Here you know more about karma yoga. Karma Yoga brings the greatest rewards in both […]

A Take On Mental Health – Yoga For Health

A woman standing in the grass

The impact of mental health on the development of physical health is still controversial. Studies about what effects mental health has on physical health are in fact little conclusive. Several researchers continue to question the correlation between the mental health of the body. Moreover, many studies conclude that yoga and meditation are beneficial for our […]

Yoga Breathing Exercises: Introduction to Pranayama

Prana in Sanskrit means life or breath. Yoga teaches to control and direct this energy flow into your body properly. Breathing is an involuntary act and as an essential function of the body.

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