The Benefits Of Pranayama Yoga In Our Daily Life

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I always wanted to share the benefits of Pranayama yoga and the way it changes the life-energy course.

2005 was the year, a friend of mine attended a yoga workshop by Baba Ramdev, and he claims to cured off his sore eyes with minus powers, which is kind of not possible by any means in 10 days( duration of the yoga workshop).

Once being very frustrated, I saw my breathing process deteriorating and becoming too irregular.

I was naive to understand the process of yoga at that time. Still, I knew that the major part of the workshop involved pranayama as mango people (aam aadmi) are not to accustom with headstand, chakrasana, etc. and they can’t be in achievement in 10 days. So I wanted to know, and I started observing the process.

The Benefits Of Pranayama Yoga In Our Daily Life
The Benefits Of Pranayama Yoga In Our Daily Life

Why Do You Need Yoga?

So one day, I stepped out of my home at 4 am, and I started shivering. I observed how my body changed signaling in different atmosphere. But it was playtime, so I started moving fast( but didn’t run) and I started controlling my breath.. hopefully, I was only completing two breathing cycles in 1 min. Within 10 mins, I was hot, and in 15 min started sweating, which means I reversed the entire atmospheric effect, which is a deal.

Now a little bit of theory. Pranayama means prana( life) plus Ayam ( level). Breathing is also to term as prana, which also means life. So con jointly pranayama means life- leveling of taking life to a new level. Metabolism is not just about exercise but also about deep breath, which leads mitochondrial cells to fasten the combustion of fat in our body. Remember Respiration!!..

Breathing exercise or pranayama is magic in itself, and I recommend it, everyone. 5 min of life will give you a fantastic lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Pranayama Yoga In Our Daily Life
The Benefits Of Pranayama Yoga In Our Daily Life

Benefits Of Pranayama Yoga

1. It frees you from stress.

2. It makes you durable, really.

3. It enhances your sleep pattern, etc., etc.

I can go long with pranayamas. It is my topic of research and its a base of the yogic experiment. It was a practice that gave people the capability of converting their bodies in meta plasmic states and vice- versa. But cutting it short, I will request to include pranayama in daily.

The best way is to sit in the open, feeling the fresh air and facing east so that sun rays will add spiritual essence to your prana.

Try to hold the breath too in between, thereby performing all the three nasal activities of inspiration, namely, puraka, kumbhaka, and rechaka.

Puraka is the activity when you inhale. Kumbhaka is when you hold your breath, and rechaka is when you exhale. An event involving all 3 of them is termed as pranayama.

There are eight pranayamas as per Ashtanga Yoga :

Ujjayi Pranayama

Bhramri Pranayama

Suryabhedi Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama

Sheet Pranayama

Sheetkaari Pranayama

Morcha Pranayama

Palani Pranayama

The last two shall be in performance by Siddha Yogis only. They need experience and proper learning.

Moreover, 3 and 4 shall be during winters only.

Additionally, 5 and 6 shall be performed during summers.

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