The Benefits of Using Cork Yoga Mats

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If you’re looking to get into yoga, and you’re thinking about getting a Yoga mat, then you may want to look into buying a cork mat. The primary reason that so many yoga enthusiasts are making the transition from a traditional leather or canvas mat to a cork mat is because of its environmental friendly naturalness. Practicing yoga with a cork mat, not only benefits your back, but it’s a big win for the planet as well.

An Overview

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While some people may not think that there is much to the idea of buying a cork Yoga mat, it actually does make a lot of sense. First of all, you will find that most of the mats available on the market today are made of synthetic fibers. While this makes them very durable, it also makes them very wasteful. Synthetic fibers are made from plastic and other chemical based materials, which are just taking natural resources away from the earth.

Now, there is another kind of mat out there that doesn’t take any natural resource from the ground. These mats are made from a plant known as cork. The reason why this is such a great option for people interested in going green is because when it comes time to harvest, the cork is taken out and turned into an oil that can be used as an alternative source of fuel. This means that it will not take the same amount of land and trees to produce the oil as it would to simply harvest the cork itself. It is estimated that approximately 4.2 million acres of land are currently being devoted to growing cork.

Benefits Of Yoga Mats

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One of the biggest advantages of using a cork mat in conjunction with practicing yoga is that these mats will reduce your chances of having injuries on your back or shoulders by up to 70%. This is especially important if you are a woman. You may have had the unfortunate experience of having to use a yoga mat that was made of cotton, which is very tough to get into tight areas of the body, which in turn causes a lot of pain. By choosing a yoga mat made from cork, you’re less likely to suffer from this problem because the fabric is much easier to get into and is also less dense.

Another benefit of using cork Yoga mats is that they can also increase the level of support that you feel around your joints and in your lower back. by allowing more support to come from the sides and bottom of your feet. Because the material is much harder than other traditional canvas and leather materials, it will also absorb more shock which will reduce the likelihood of you tearing a ligament.

A final advantage of using cork Yoga mats is that they provide you with the benefit of being environmentally friendly. While it does take more land and water than other mat materials, it does use less of both than most. By using cork, you are not taking any natural resources that could end up going into landfill, which allows you to have a more sustainable practice.

Choosing Yoga Mats

When choosing cork Yoga mats, you want to be sure to choose the right one that has the best blend of performance and natural materials. There are a few different types of mat designs to choose from, all of which will provide the kind of support that you need to maintain your balance. You can choose between the “Cork Wedge” style of mat which is a square type of mat or the “Swiss Roll” style of mat which is more of a rectangle style. If you do decide to buy a traditional “Cork Wedge” style mat, look for ones that are available in the colors of red, black and yellow.

Wrapping It Up

Yoga can help you keep fit by providing you with an improved posture and a healthier body, but it’s up to you to find a mat that suits your style of yoga. By choosing one that is a little bit more durable, and made from more durable materials, you will be able to get the benefits of a healthier body and also keep the environmental issues that come with plastic out of the equation.

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