The Multiple Benefits Of Practising Yoga Eye Exercises Regularly

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Who knew, there are yoga poses even for your eyes so that you can have a clearer vision. These yoga eye exercises claim to strengthen your eye muscles and also condition them in your eye structure. 

The ones who often practice eye yoga, do so to achieve either of the following:

  • Improve their vision
  • Treat symptoms of dry eye
  • Get help with or decrease their eye strain

While many people claim that practising eye yoga can help a person deal with all of this, there are also many other people who haven’t received any results from this and do not support it at all.

So, no one can say for sure whether or not this specific yoga will work for you. The only way to know is by trying it out yourself and tallying the old and the new results.

So, for what all conditions can you give yoga eye exercises a try? Let us find out.

To Improve Your Eyesight 

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There’s no proof to say that eye yoga or any eye exercise can improve astigmatism, known as nearsightedness. A 2012 study of eye yoga procedures for individuals with astigmatism and refraction errors indicated practically no objective improvement. 

The authors of this examination believe that more research is required to rule out eye yoga totally as a corresponding treatment for vision. 

For Glaucoma 

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Some cases even state that eye yoga activities may assist with cutting down the Intraocular Pressure (IOP) inside your eye. Provided that this is true, this may slow the movement of glaucoma, a condition that erodes your optic nerve. 

A 2018 report in the International Journal of Yoga compiled evidence to present the defense that eye yoga could attempt to cut down IOP. Up until now, no clinical trials have been done to demonstrate this hypothesis. 

For Dry Eyes 

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There’s no proof that states that eye yoga activities can help with the symptoms of chronic dry eye. 

After Cataract Surgery 

A few people guarantee that doing eye yoga after cataract surgery can help rebuild your ocular strength. It isn’t a good idea to try this immediately after having a cataract removed. 

Your eye needs an ideal opportunity to heal and acclimate to the artificial lens embedded during the cataract surgery. Talk to your ophthalmologist before you try any sort of eye exercise, or any other exercise in general after you’ve undergone the cataract surgery.

For Eye Strain 

Eye yoga may try to prevent and soothe the side effects of eye strain. In an investigation of 60 nursing students, two months of eye yoga practice was shown to cause the eyes to feel less drained and exhausted and exhausted after a long day.

Wrapping Up

Whether or not yoga eye exercises will work for you can only be known after you’ve tried them yourself. But one thing that you definitely need to make sure of is consulting your doctor before trying out any of these exercises, especially if you have undergone a surgery.

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