Tips For Cleaning Your Jade Yoga Mat

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A common problem that some new jade yoga practitioners face is that their mat is so sticky. This can really cause discomfort for the practitioner and get them off balance in their movements. In order to avoid this, it is important to clean your jade yoga mat frequently. How to clean your Jade Yoga Mat is as simple as following these instructions!

Start with basic house cleaning. Using a cotton towel, soak the entire mat in warm (not boiling) water. Jade, like any other natural stone, can be discolored when washed in salt water. Soap residue from soap, if present, should be removed with a wet towel.

Use a mild, pH-balanced cleaning solution for cleaning. Most commercial cleaning solutions are too harsh and can damage the natural sheen of jade yoga mats. To test for what type of cleaning solution you need, pour a little of the cleaner into a cup and add one-half teaspoon of club soda. Test the result of color. If the solution turns a darkish color, you need a stronger cleaning agent.

Jade Yoga Mat

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For deep cleaning of your jade yoga mat, take your cleaned and rinsed mat, dip it in a bowl of hot water for about a minute and allow it to stand in that spot for fifteen minutes. The hot water will soften the dirt particles on your mat. After the fifteen minutes are up, wash the meat in cold water. Make sure that the temperature is close to the temperature of your hot water bottle. Use a soft, dry towel to gently agitate the mat while it is in the water.

If you’re looking to do some yoga stretching, you can also use a soft towel or washcloth while you’re cleaning jade yoga mats. This will help to loosen any debris that is stuck in your yoga mat. You can then place it back on top of your regular yoga mat.

Some of the mats can become stained over time from liquids like sweat and oil. In addition, they can get dirty from perspiration. You may also want to buy some natural rubber yoga mats. These mats are made from all-natural rubber fibers that are resistant to the absorption of liquids and don’t stick to them as the artificial ones do. They also wear down evenly and won’t form clumps.

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You can find mild liquid soap at any yoga store. It will work well as a gentle scrub to remove any dirt particles and help to keep the mat clean. You’ll also need a bottle of oil spray. Spray some oil into the bottle before you spray your jade yoga mats so that they will penetrate the fibers.

To clean the toe area of your yoga mat, first get a soft, clean cloth and spray it lightly on the area so that any dirt or debris doesn’t rub off onto the mat. Next, gently flip the mat over so that it is flat on the floor. Spray the flat section of the mat with the mild liquid soap and wipe it down until it is clean. Make sure to wear some shoes because the oil can be quite slick. This method will help you to keep your jade yoga mat in great shape so you don’t have to worry about buying another one just to fix one.

A natural rubber mat is much easier to clean than most yoga mats. They are very easy to wash and they won’t form clumps like synthetic mats. If you’re concerned about the quality of your yoga mat, then natural rubber mats are the best option for you. They will also be able to absorb as much moisture as possible without forming any puddles which can be slippery and dangerous.

A pre-soaked cotton yoga mat is also a good choice. They do require you to wash them often but they are very easy to clean and the deep cleaning helps to keep the fiber strong. Pre-soaked cotton yoga mats are good for people who practice regularly because they aren’t as likely to tear apart as natural rubber yoga mats are. These mats also make a great addition to your travel yoga mat bag. You can even buy them in different colors to compliment your yoga mats.

Final Words

If you get a really dirty yoga mat, then you can try using mild liquid soap on it to clean it. Make sure that the soap you use is made for cleaning upholstery or other fabrics. The soap you use should be very mild, just a little soap can actually damage your mat if it gets onto the fibers. Wash your mat, allow it to air dry and then put it away in a cool dry place. Don’t put it near a radiator or heat source as this can cause it to get damp which can cause it to rot.

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