Tips To Consider When Purchasing Custom Yoga Mats

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With time yoga has evolved, and today people find it hard to practice yoga without a met yoga mat. While you are performing the “Hatha yoga,”- you need a mat to balance your legs and body. People who struggle to perform yoga exercises on slippery floors should definitely buy custom yoga mats.

Today in the market, you can find the mats made up of bamboo straws, plastics, etc. There are lots of brands of yoga mats like hugger-mugger, prana, jade yoga, and maduka. Before buying any yoga mat, there are few things to consider.

Five Things To Consider When Choosing Custom Yoga Mats

1. Texture

The texture is one of the most important factors that you should be considering while buying the mats. The sticky texture of the mat affects how much sliding or sleeping you can do while performing yoga. Choose the yoga mat according to the type of grip you want. If you want to prevent slipping, then go for rubber, cotton, or jute mats.

2. Thickness

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Another important factor that you should consider before buying any yoga mat is thickness. Doing yoga without the mat can damage your knees. Make sure that the custom yoga mats that you choose are not too thin. Also, make sure the mat is not too thick because it can make you feel disconnected from the floor, which is an important requirement for yoga.

Standard yoga mats have a thickness of about 1 /8 inch, and the thickest mat has ranged up to 1/4 inch. You will also find the wafer-thin yoga mats, also referred to as “travel yoga mats,” are usually 1/16 inch thick and can be folded easily. Thus, it is easy to carry them anywhere and fit inside your bag easily!

3. Quality-

Make sure when you are buying the custom yoga mat, do not compromise quality over price. Don’t go for cheap mats or very think mats as they can wear out easily and sometimes can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, choose a yoga mat that is durable, comfortable, and made with high-quality material.

4. Padding- 

While practicing yoga, you should focus more on building your muscles and strengthening your joints. Without a good yoga mat, you won’t be able to achieve your goals; make sure the yoga mat which you choose is padded well. Padding protects your knees and hands while performing yoga. Also, check the foam level, don’t go for the too foamy mat as it can make it hard to perform some yoga exercises.

5. Eco-

Friendly yoga mats- avoid purchasing PVC maths and go green. There are so many brands selling eco-friendly custom yoga mats. These are made from natural rubber and are safe for the environment.

Therefore, these are things to consider when you purchase custom yoga mats. You can get the right type of mats with proper knowledge and make the most out of your yoga training. You will surely be able to achieve mental peace and stay fit when you will use the yoga mats and practice yoga every day!

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