True Meaning Of Yoga And Meditation

The True Meaning Of Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and the meditation often go hand in hand usually, both terms are considered same. But, both the names have differences and similarities. Meditation is a state of intention, where the practitioner trains his mind to stay quiet and calm.

On the other hand, yoga is a broader term. While practicing yoga, the devotees learn to tame their mind and the upcoming positive and negative thoughts.

The True Meaning Of Yoga And Meditation
The True Meaning Of Yoga And Meditation

Differences Between Yoga And Meditation

  • Yoga is practiced to bring the union between mind and body. It promotes the wellness of the whole body, physically and mentally. On the other hand, meditation deals with only mental relaxation and concentration.
  • Yoga has eight steps, which are meant to be followed by its practitioners. On the other side, meditation has no such steps to follow.
  • Yoga includes exercises and physical movements, whereas meditation involves no exercise or body movement.
  • Meditating is a part of yoga. Every form of yoga promotes meditation in one or the other way. Some involve deep meditating like kundalini yoga and some not so deep like hatha yoga.
  • Meditation improves the overall breathing system, whereas yoga enhances the well being of the whole body.

Similarities Between Both

  • Inner peace-both the forms of practice aim at providing inner peace to the practitioner. Both aim to bring the mind at a state where stress is blocked.
  • Knowledge– both practices bring out the hidden information from our conscious and subconscious minds. They also aim to clear our mind for self-awareness.
  • Relieves stress– both reduces anxiety. One must practice both the forms regularly to attain the stress-free mind and body.
  • Physical fitness– both forms lead to physical fitness. Yoga is an all-round practice of mind and body, whereas meditation is the food for the mind.
  • Time– early in the morning is the best time to practice both the forms. In the morning, the environment is stress-free, and it is much easy to find inner peace.
The True Meaning Of Yoga And Meditation
The True Meaning Of Yoga And Meditation


Practicing both types of exercise requires time and patience, and only then you can get results. Practicing them at home is good, but group practice is more fruitful. Learning these forms under an instructor gives a more favorable outcome.

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