Which One Of The Manduka Yoga Gear Products Is Best For You

manduka yoga gear

A: They offer a wide variety of cork boards, mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, and mats to name just a few items. If you like to travel with a mat, that is okay too!

B: My Instructor, Maria Salcedo, Started Her Popular Retreat In Puerto Varas, Mexico

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It was the first of its kind and became very popular very quickly. The students were absolutely wonderful and had great fun. Maria was very clear and concise in her instructions and was able to help everyone from beginners to the most advanced practitioners. Her teaching style is very gentle but passionate and I enjoyed every minute of it.

C: When I Got Involved With The Yoga Retreat, I Was Impressed By All The Great Things Maria Had To Offer.

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She had beautiful rooms, gorgeous gardens, and even a swimming pool! As you might expect, the yoga gear that she provided for her retreat was outstanding as well. You can see here a sampling of the amazing collection of manduka yoga gear which Maria provided to our retreat participants.

D: The Beautiful Rooms, Gardens, And Pools At The Retreat Were Absolutely Breathtaking.

The decor included lots of plants, flowing water, and tropical plants. The second week of the retreat was especially beautiful. As we moved from class to class, Maria and the other teachers were encouraging students to share their creations using bamboo stools or bowls, using leaves, twigs, and more. The result was truly remarkable.

E: I Also Enjoyed The Fresh Air And The Landscape As We Walked Through The Grounds.


F: The second morning of our retreat was when the aroma of fresh grass greeted us. A delicious vegetarian breakfast was served, accompanied by lots of fresh fruit. Lunch was made using sweet potatoes, some mint juice, and eggplant. This dish incorporated lots of almonds. For dinner, we made a delicious stew of chicken, root vegetables, carrots, cauliflower, onion, dill, and garlic.

G: As I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons I chose this yoga retreat was to have the luxury of bringing my own yoga gear with me. This was particularly important for me since I do not travel that often, if at all. I found the one yoga kit that I did bring with me to be absolutely comfortable and to work no matter what temperature I found myself on. The kit consisted of a leotard, a baggy sweater (which I also kept), a pair of shorts, an over-sized t-shirt, some socks, and of course my trusty yoga pants.

Summing Up

H: With my new found knowledge of yoga as well as being able to quickly adjust any of the items I brought with me, I was able to attend to my various poses with ease. This allowed me to have a great time during the rest of the afternoon. My body felt good and I was able to relax. I felt more refreshed and I was able to see the instructor as clearly as I have ever seen him before. In fact, he was able to see me as clearly as I could see him, which is rare and extremely beneficial because seeing an instructor in person is an amazing experience, but it is even more beneficial when that instructor is giving you direct instructions.

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