Winter Restorative Yoga

Winter Restorative Yoga Pose You Must Try

The cold weather during winter prevents people from doing outer activities. People prefer to stay warm and comfortable during this season. However, winter allows us to take note of the changes that our body needs. Stress has become a common issue for several people nowadays. It not only affects our mental health but also makes it vulnerable to various diseases. It makes us fatigued and weak. A relaxing activity will help you to restore your strength and vitality. In this article, we describe the winter restorative yoga pose you must try. Hence, you must read this article very attentively until the end.

Winter Restorative Yoga Pose You Must Try
Winter Restorative Yoga Pose You Must Try

Benefits Of Winter Restorative Yoga Pose

  • It helps to reduce various health issues like fatigue. Moreover, it is beneficial in headaches, insomnia, and agitation
  • This pose helps to open abdomen, chest and pelvic region
  • It gives complete relaxation to your body and mind
  • This pose helps to stretch your inner thighs gently
  • It is helpful for women during menstrual cycles and menopause


  • One Bed Pillow
  • Five Narrow folded blankets (one fold more than square-folded)


  • Eye pillow
  • Additional blanket for covering your body
  • More or fewer sheets under the torso
  • Extra blankets or pillows under forearms
Winter Restorative Yoga Pose You Must Try
Winter Restorative Yoga Pose You Must Try

Instructions For Winter Restorative Yoga Pose

  1. First of all, make a stack of three NF blankets. Fold the middle blanket in half for getting a recliner. Now, take your bed pillow and place it at the top end of this stack. Sit in a way such that your lower back is against the base of this combination. Now, slowly draw the soles of your legs together. Make sure that the knees must be open on both sides. Your heels must be at least 1 feet away from the groin region. Put NF blankets after half holding under both knees.
  2. Now, place your hands on the floor for entering the pose. Lengthen your spine after deep inhaling. Lower yourself on the recliner and place your head on the pillow as you exhale. Moreover, your chin must be lower than your forehead. If you are not getting this position, half-fold your bed pillow. After getting the desired pose, open your arms with palms facing up to the sides.
  3. If you are not feeling comfortable at the lower back, put a square folded blanket under the buttock region. You can also opt for a tucking tailbone away and under the sheets.
  4. Gradually, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Bring awareness to the rising and fall of your belly with each breath. When your abdomen relaxes, try to feel the opening of the heart. Affirm silently: ‘I accept whatever is secure in myself.
  5. Remain in this position for around 5 to 20 minutes. Press your into a seated position to exit this pose. To enjoy the effects of this pose, pause there for a few seconds.


  • Make sure to place your forehead above your chine.
  • Your lower back must not be arched excessively and is adequately supported
  • People having spinal problems must practice it with comfort and caution


You can try cross-legged or straight-legged if you want more comfort.

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