Yoga Abdominal Exercise – Keep Yourself Healthy With Abs

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It is time to find out the old yoga mat and start exercising so that you are mentally and physically happy and content. Yoga has been the key to calmness and happiness for thousands of years now and we have a lot of yoga practitioners as of now around the globe. The major aspect of Yoga is that you don’t have to be the embodiment of calmness to reap the benefits. Regardless of your age, you can start doing yoga at any point in time. Yoga will not only power your mind but also strengthen your body and for those who think yoga is only about the asanas and there are no exercises that will help you stay fit, we might have some yoga abdominal exercises for you to know.

Yoga Abdominal Exercise – Crunches

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The first one would be the abdominal crunches when you are present on the floor and have your knees bent in the open side like a butterfly and raise your head and shoulders to do the branches as you regularly see in the gym. You might want to slowly return to your starting position and use only 30 seconds to do this. The next would also be lying on your back and lifting your table into a tabletop position. Make sure you raise your head and shoulders and do crunches focusing on your pelvis to strengthen it.

Block Bicycles

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Now, this is one of the critical yoga abdominal exercises for your core strength and this requires you to like that and bring your legs into a tabletop position. If you have a yoga block, which would be needed for this exercise, you might want to place it on your thighs and hold it with your forearms. Now, lift your shoulders off the floor and use your legs to do the hovering. You have to be extremely slow and careful about doing this so that you do not hurt yourself in the process.


Now let us focus on the timing part when you doing yoga. Regardless of your choice being abdominal exercises or calm guided meditation, you might want to take only 30 seconds of time for every exercise you do and only 5 minutes of time for every meditation you do especially in the initial stages. If you are going to force the exercises to see results in one day, it would only end up hurting your body. 


We hope that the yoga poses we have given helps you enough. We strongly advise you to take the guidance of an expert and understanding the yoga pose will be helpful for you instead of going on stressing yourself without any knowledge about it. If you are starting yoga after a long period of time, you might want to start with small poses and asanas and if you would like to do only exercises, you might want to consider using less time to do the preliminary exercises and warm yourself up before you do that. Gradual increase in this will help you through.

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