Yoga Breathing Exercises: Introduction to Pranayama

Yoga breathing exercises are known as Pranayama. These are an important part of yoga and meditation. Pranayama is also one amongst the Eight Limbs of Yoga, popularly known as The Yoga Sutras. It is also considered as an important path leading to enlightenment.

Yoga Breathing Exercises: Introduction to Pranayama

Significance Of Pranayama In Yoga

Yoga is not only about asanas and poses for body health. It also teaches you various ways to calm your stressed mind and to attain mental peace and contentment. Pranayama is an essential limb of yoga that inspires you to energize your body via deep breathing. This breathing exercise can be performed on or off the mat. When done for long, it automatically preps your body. It teaches you to focus only on your present and let the past and future be forgotten.

What Is Prana?

Prana in Sanskrit means life or breath. Yoga teaches to control and direct this energy flow into your body properly. Breathing is an involuntary act and as an essential function of the body. We cannot control or decide whether we want to breathe or not, but we can surely control the way we breathe. Pranayama is all about that. There are many exercises in pranayama such as breath retention, deliberate methods of inhalation and exhalation, etc, that help us get good mental and physical benefits. These benefits are the core significance of performing pranayama.

Yoga Therapy On The Rise
Yoga Breathing Exercises: Introduction to Pranayama

Pranayama Exercises

Three-Part Breath – Dirga Pranayama

This one is a good breathing exercise for beginners. It teaches you to fill and empty your lungs out totally. It is important to empty out the lungs completely because hardly anyone uses their full lungs’ capacity. This exercise also helps you get an easy transition to your yoga routine.

Equal Breathing – Sama Vritti Pranayama

This yoga exercise teaches you to take long, deep and slow breaths to get a relaxing effect on the body. You need to focus completely on your inhalations and exhalations and keep your mind free from any other thoughts or stress. This also gives your mind a good break from the usual work routine.

Alternate Nostril Breathing – Nadi Sodhana

In this exercise, you are supposed to block one of your nostrils and then exhale and inhale through the open nostril. You are then supposed to switch sides. This exercise helps you to balance your nostrils and lungs. It helps you clear your energy channels and invigorate your body.

Cooling Breath – Shitali Pranvama

This is a simple breathing exercise, which teaches you to take a simple breath on a hot day. This cooling breath is also taken when the body is warm after performing yoga asanas.

Ocean Breath – Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi breath is very useful in calming the sympathetic nervous system of the body. It also boosts your oxygen usage in the body. This breath is used in vinyasa yoga as it is quite powerful to enhance a vigorous flow.

Lion’s Breath – Simhasana

This kind of breathing helps you release all your tension on the face and enables you to blow off your frustration. It can be done anytime during your yoga practice.

Skull Shining Breath – Kapalabhati Pranayama

This is an advanced breathing exercise that helps you generate heat in the body and clear your nostrils.

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