Yoga For Seniors

Yoga For Seniors

Yoga refreshes both mind and body. It maintains the internal organ system and keeps one’s body toned and fit. It is recommended for any and every age group. As most of the yoga posture is stress-free, it is easy for seniors to adapt it. Yoga not only helps with muscular strength, but it also helps to fight internal diseases.

Yoga keeps your mind free from negative thoughts and brings positivity in life. There are numerous poses that do not involve much physical activities and yoga for seniors is apt. This exercise has both physical as well as psychological benefits. Seniors can add yoga in their daily routine for maintaining the emotional cycle which they go through.

Yoga For Seniors
Yoga For Seniors

Benefits Of Yoga For Seniors

  • Yoga promotes the balancing and stability of the body. Proper balancing of the body reduces the chances of falling, which is one of the main concerns for the elderly. 
  • This exercise mainly focuses on flexibility. It loosens up tight joints and muscles.
  • Yoga helps to regulate blood pressure and keep it normal. It increases the flow of oxygen in the blood. Yoga uses the technique of controlled breathing for this purpose.
  • With age, the bone density decreases, and yoga can be very helpful at this age as it strengthens the bone and slows down the density decreasing process
  • Yoga helps to reduce the pain in muscles and body. Without many physical activities, yoga helps a person to relax and heal the pain of the body.

Few Postures Of Yoga For Elderly People

  • Mountain pose

It requires proper balancing and grounding using feet, the toes and heels should touch together. yoga helps seniors by improving their postures. It improves the digestion process and increases blood circulation.

  • Cobra pose

This exercise works on the lower back of the body. It is beneficial for old age people as they suffer from back pain very frequently.

The posture of this exercise is somewhat like this – a person should lie down on their stomach and raise their head till the lower back. This stretches muscles of chest, shoulder, and lower back. It helps to get rid of the pain and make the body flexible.

  • Downward facing dog pose

This posture is beneficial to improve flexibility and arm strength. As the head is down, the inverted pose helps to increase the blood flow in one’s brain.

Some More Postures For Seniors

Yoga For Seniors
Yoga For Seniors
  • Cobblers/butterfly pose

It is a great exercise to open up and tone the hip muscles. Sit with back straight and tight with the sole of feet touching together. Open knees on both sides and flip it to reach the ground. This posture activates bladders and kidneys, helps old ladies during menopause.

  • Savasana

This should be the last exercise of the routine. It relaxes whole body muscle and reduces stress. As older adults get tired fast, they need to rest for an extended period. This exercise helps to fight the problem of insomnia.


Yoga can reduce muscle pain, which comes with aging. Seniors following proper yoga exercises will feel more energetic and will be more active.

In fact there is a type of yoga called as “CHAIR YOGA” this is specially designed for seniors who have back pain and can’t sit for a longer time. By adding yoga in daily routine, one can develop a healthy lifestyle.

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