Yoga Instructor Training For People That Want To Start a Career As a Yoga Instructor

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Yes, you need to do a yoga instructor training, and the usual format is to get some 200 hours taught by a certified teacher who has been doing this for years. Usually, you cover much more in those 200 hours than just teaching, from philosophy, anatomy, teaching ethics. You gotta do your research on where you get this 200-hours taught, because it’s actually gonna teach you so much about how to run your yoga center, how to be a teacher, how to run your private studio.

Getting Your Yoga Certification

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There are several ways to go about getting your yoga certification. The first is by going through an accredited training program offered by a Yoga Alliance or Yoga Institute. They have many different types of training programs that you can go through. One of those is called Certified Yoga instructor Training. This is pretty much like the 200 hour program above, except you are not trying to get your certification in yoga.

The other method to go about teaching yoga classes is by finding a local community college and taking classes in teaching yoga classes, or by attending a private Yoga Institute course. You could also go through a combination of any one of those. What’s nice about going through a combination of any of them is that you get to learn a lot more about what you are getting into, which is exactly what you are aspiring for.

Go Through A Certificate Program

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You can also go through a certificate program, but with that being said, you may wish to think about which type of yoga instructor training you are actually interested in. Is it a basic certification program? Or, is it something that is a bit more specialized, such as an intensive course that will give you a certificate? After that you will have to make a choice as to what type of job you would like to be in. Do you want to teach Yoga for beginners or maybe teach recumbent yoga?

A lot of times yoga teachers will be associated with health clubs, health food stores and spas, but they can also work at airports, malls, hotels and even hotels and resorts. It all depends on the place that you plan on working. If you are a yoga teacher and plan on traveling, be sure that you check with your local board. Certain states do not require yoga teachers to be licensed, so don’t assume that they will want you to be if you run for teacher licensure at the local level.

Registered Yoga Teacher

If you are more of a beginner and just want some additional training and certifications then you will need to check into RYT. RYT stands for the Registered Yoga Teacher training and certification. You will need to pay a nominal fee to get certified through RYT, but it is well worth the money. Some of the benefits of getting RYT certification are that you will be able to take more classes and do more yoga, you will have a recognized name that you can use in public if needed, you will have an added bonus of becoming certified in yoga instructors by the local office and possibly some national organizations.


After you have your training and you feel like you are ready to teach yoga, there is one other thing that you will need to do in order to become a successful yoga instructor. You will need to get certified by your local body. If your area is not doing this yet, it is definitely time to make sure that you do so before you attempt to teach yoga in an area that doesn’t have any certification set up yet. Once you get your certificate, you will need to register your business and pay the $150 registration fee. Most of these bodies will also require background and criminal checks, which again should be done by a professional background and criminal investigator. Yoga instructor training does not get any easier than this.

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