Best Cheap Yoga Mats To Buy Online

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There are many options for cheap yoga mats. Carrying a yoga mat separately and then all the yoga accessories in another bag often becomes a hassle because most bags available on the market cannot contain a yoga mat. If you are a newbie with yoga, then it is better that you invest in a cheap bag initially then cheap yoga mats will be very convenient.

Useful yoga mats
Useful yoga mats

Cool Options For Cheap Yoga Mats

Balance Form Yoga Mat

This is an ideal mat for all kinds of exercises. It is 0.5 inches thick and measures 71 x 24 inches. If you do not want to stick to a particular exercise format and want a mat that can be used for all, then this one is absolutely perfect for you. The brand BalanceForm makes these premium mats that add a comfortable cushioning to your body while you perform sit-ups, stretches or meditation. It is not ideal for yoga asanas or Pilates as it is a little thin. This one comes with a non-slip surface on both sides. You can simply roll and strap it up once done. It is good for transportation. The mat is also moisture-resistant and hence easy to clean. You get seven color options too.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

This is an ideal mat for yoga. It is 0.24 inches thick and measures 68 x 24 inches. This mat from Gaiam is beautiful to look at and is also super-functional. It is lightweight, textured, non-slip and offers a good grip too. It is a little thicker than the normal yoga mats and hence users get an additional cushioning factor. It is a little shorter than normal mats and also narrower. You can roll it up easily when done. But it does not come with a carry case or strap and you will have to buy that separately. You get to choose between a wide range of designs and colors. It is water-resistant and also easy to clean.

buy cheap yoga mats
buy cheap yoga mats

Prosource Fit Yoga Mat

If comfort is what you are looking for then this 1.5 inches thick exercise mat is the best for you. It measures 72 x 24 inches. Manufactured by ProsourceFit, this exercise mat has 1.5 inches of foam. You will not feel the floor beneath you while you are stretching or doing other floor exercises. This one comes with a tri-fold design that enables easy storage. It comes with two carrying handles that allow easy transportation and storage into nooks and corners. But as this mat is thick, it cannot be rolled into a small bundle. It is not quite portable due to this reason. It has a waterproof vinyl exterior which is easy to clean. Moreover, the good-quality foam prevents it from losing its shape easily. There are four color options available.

Elenture Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bag

This elegantly designed canvas yoga mat bag measures 26 inches long. It can fit all kinds of yoga mats. It is perfect to be used inside a yoga classroom. The bag is made from 100% quality canvas material and is quite durable. The outer fabric feels very soft to touch and the bag is comfortable to carry. It has a full zipper design that makes storing of yoga mats very convenient. There are also some smaller pockets on the outside where you can put in your keys, yoga belt, and wheel. You get to choose between various designs and colors. It is available on Amazon and quite affordable too.

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