Yoga Mats: The Most Common Yoga Accessory

Good yoga mats are one of the most important accessories for your practice. Yoga helps you sleep better, lose weight, reduce stress, gain self-confidence and improve your physical condition. With so many benefits, yoga is today regarded as one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. This ancient health and wellness practice requires a good yoga mat. You need to keep in mind several points while buying a good yoga mat.

Yoga Mats: The Most Common Yoga Accessory

Different Types Of Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are available in various thicknesses, materials, and patterns. No two yoga mats are the same. The different types of yoga mats are:

Sleeping Pads

These are ideal for camping purposes. These can be slippery. A person gets sweaty while performing yoga and these non-slippery mats can be rather dangerous. Such mats also do not stay put and have a tendency to keep rolling back up once you have put them down. This is not good for yoga.

Yoga Mats: The Most Common Yoga Accessory

Pilates Mats

A Pilates mat is generally thicker than a yoga mat. Pilates includes some yoga poses and some dance moves and so you need a thick mat with more cushioning. Yoga needs a thinner mat which is ideal for sitting, standing, bending and lying poses. You cannot use a yoga mat for Pilates and vice versa.

PVC Mats

This mat is ideal for yoga. The material is perfect for yoga as it provides the right amount of stickiness and grip. A PVC mat is available in different thicknesses for yoga and one can choose according to one’s preference.

Yoga Mats: The Most Common Yoga Accessory
Yoga Mats: The Most Common Yoga Accessory

Yoga Mat

Initially, the yogis in India did not practice yoga on mats. But now, with the advent of technology, it is an established fact that you should perform yoga on a mat to prevent damage to your knee joints. A yoga mat not only reduces your risk of injury but also gives you a ‘ritual’ effect. This ritual helps you keep up to a routine of removing your yoga mat and practicing and then folding it back again.

How To Choose The Best Mat?


A good yoga mat is generally made from PVC. There are some recycled eco-friendly options too such as rubber, hessian, TPE or natural cotton. Those who are allergic to latex can go in for jute or cotton varieties. PVC mats have a good grip. They also provide a lot of traction, comfort, and stability.


An ideal mat should be around 1/8 inches thick. A mat of 1/4 inches is quite thick. Do not go for a mat with 1/16 inches thickness, as these can be very thin. Very thick mats are useful for Pilates. Travel mats are the thinnest. If you practice yoga while traveling, then you need to go in for travel mats which can easily fit in your luggage.


Price is also an important factor while deciding your yoga mat. You should buy it as per your budget. A good yoga mat can be priced at $50 or even $20. You should go and personally check one before buying it.

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