Yoga Poses For Two – Easy Yoga Poses For Your Lover

Yoga Poses For Two - Easy Yoga Poses For Your Lover

If you are looking for a healthy way to relax or to work on your flexibility, there are numerous yoga poses for two that you can try out. These poses have been proven to be beneficial in strengthening your core muscles as well as promoting good posture and good health.

These two main poses are – The Hanging Tree Pose, which helps the practitioner in better balance and stability. This pose also enables to stretch the legs of the one doing the pose. It is not as difficult as the backbone but it is a bit painful and could lead to strain.

Yoga Poses For Two - Easy Yoga Poses For Your Lover
Yoga Poses For Two – Easy Yoga Poses For Your Lover

The Butterfly pose

The body’s major curves are reflected in this pose. Two people can do this pose with their bodies aligned such that their heads, back, and legs are at the same level. The back is on a slight angle that helps in the proper alignment of the spine.

Start by putting your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. Extend your arms out straight to touch your fingertips to the floor. Lower your body until your lower back is towards the floor. Your shoulders should be held erect. Your legs should be held firmly by the sides

Some of these poses are simple stretching routines that you can perform whenever you feel like it, and some are more advanced. Here is a look at some of the basic yoga poses for two that you might want to consider doing.

Downward Facing Dog

The first of the basic yoga poses for two that you should consider doing is called ‘Downward Facing Dog’. You will need to lie down flat on your back and lift one leg up off the floor. Then slowly straighten your legs until they are both straight and are parallel to each other.

This will help stretch out your hip flexors and place the weight of your body behind the leg that you lifted up. Your next yoga pose for two is called ‘Half Moon Pose’. You can perform this pose standing or lie down, depending on which one you prefer.

When lying down, place your legs straight out in front of you with your feet placed close together and do calf raises. As you perform this pose, you will be contracting and relaxing your stomach muscles as well as your hips.

Cobra Pose

For a challenging yoga pose, you may want to try ‘Cobra Pose’. To perform this pose, stand up straight with your knees slightly bent and your hands resting on the floor. Your hands should form a handshape with your palms facing up.

From here, raise your arms up to your hands and position them at your shoulders to form an erect spine. You should also keep your hands a little higher than your head and look straight down.

From here, you should lower your arms and body and then release your hands to return to the starting position and repeat for a maximum of 10 times. Doing this pose with one leg forward and the other back helps to strengthen your hamstrings and gives your back a good stretch.

Yoga Poses For Two - Easy Yoga Poses For Your Lover
Yoga Poses For Two – Easy Yoga Poses For Your Lover


To increase your flexibility in your hips and spine, try some of the yoga poses for two that involve your hips. For example, you can try the ‘horse pose’, which requires you to stand on all fours with your arms supporting your body.

From here, you should bend over and sit down until your thighs are almost touching the floor. Your hips should be pressed together to a point where your spine is straight.


If you feel any pain in your thighs or your feet, it is not a bad idea to stand up. However, make sure that you stretch all the muscles in your back and neck before you begin this pose.

Another pose you can try is called ‘Child’s Pose’. This is a more advanced pose but has a lot of benefits as it can improve balance if done correctly.

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