Yoga Strap Yoga : 3 Exercises To Tone Your Body With A Strap

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The yoga strap is a yoga accessory that can be used to achieve your desired pose easily. It offers great support for all yoga practitioners, regardless of their level of flexibility. Today, we are going to introduce you to three simple yoga exercises with the help of a yoga strap that will tone your body and improve its strength. Here they are:

1. Door Yoga Strap

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Use a yoga strap to get into the Ustrasana pose (the camel yoga pose). It is an extremely beneficial yoga pose that tones your abdominal and leg muscles, while also strengthening your back muscles. To execute it:

– Stand on your knees by placing them on a yoga mat. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

– Bring your yoga strap around your neck and attach it to a door knob in front of you.

– Slowly, move your pelvis higher until you’re able to balance on the balls of your feet.

– Gaze forward with a straight back. Inhale slowly and exhale while moving deeper into yoga pose. You can stay in yoga pose for as long as you feel comfortable.

2. Forward Stretch Yoga Strap

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This yoga strap exercise will help you work your core, strengthen your back and increase your flexibility at the same time. To perform it:

– As you stand on both feet, cross the yoga strap behind your back and hold both ends.

– Inhale and stretch the yoga strap as you bring your torso up and lean forward, keeping your core tight throughout yoga exercise. This yoga pose will stretch your upper body from shoulders to hips.

– Hold yoga position for five seconds and come back to starting yoga pose by exhaling slowly. Slightly bend your knees if needed to keep the yoga pose stable.

– Repeat yoga exercise 10 times, 2 to 3 yoga sessions a week for best results.

3. Yoga Strap Twist

Use a yoga strap to perform this yoga exercise that will help you target your core and increase flexibility in your hips at the same time. To do yoga twist:

– Stand up straight by holding a yoga strap in front of you.

– Twist the yoga strap to the left so it is wrapped around your waist. Lean slightly forward and turn your head to look at yoga strap hands, keeping yoga strap taut throughout yoga exercise.

– Bend twisting knee as much as you can without breaking yoga pose – just enough to maintain balance on one foot.

– Lean yoga strap left to increase yoga twist. Hold the yoga position for 5 seconds, then exhale slowly and come back to standing yoga pose by unwrapping the yoga strap from your waist. Twist the yoga strap right this time and repeat yoga exercise on the other side of your body. Repeat yoga exercise 10 times on each side, 2 to 3 yoga sessions a week for yoga strap benefits.


There you go, yoga strap yoga exercises that will tone your body and increase flexibility at the same time! If yoga straps are not available in your yoga studio or town, you can use yoga blocks to keep yourself stable.

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