Yoga Studio: Qualification Needed

Yoga Studio: Qualification Needed

The benefits of yoga have spread worldwide. People have become aware of their health and also the benefits of yoga. Since the demand for yoga has increased, a new yoga studio is popping every day here and there. A good yoga studio requires trained and professional yoga teachers. These days everyone is becoming a yoga teacher. But, becoming a yoga instructor requires dedication as well as a personal commitment. Many yoga associations and also teachers provide certified yoga training — a 200 hr. Furthermore, the yoga teacher-training program is designed for the aspirants. It helps them to deepen their practice and transform their lives.

Yoga Studio: Qualification Needed
Yoga Studio: Qualification Needed

Yoga Studio: Division Of 200-Hour Training Program

  • Thirty hours- these hours are primarily devoted to teaching yoga history, philosophy, and ethics. 
  • One hundred ten hours- these hours are utilized in teaching yoga techniques and practical applications.
  • Twenty hours- in these hours, the trainees are taught about yoga anatomy and physiology.
  • Twenty-five hours- these hours are designed for imparting yoga teachings and methodologies.
  • Fifteen hours- the last 15 hours are meant for practice and observations.

Yoga Studio: Steps To Become A Yoga Instructor

Yoga Studio: Qualification Needed
Yoga Studio: Qualification Needed
  • One must pick a program, which is officially recognized by the yoga institution.
  • Pick a program that includes asanas, their alignments, philosophy, meditation, and anatomy.
  • Pick an appropriate and certified yoga style. Trainees can choose among multi-style, Vinyasa yoga, hot yoga, hatha yoga, or Iyengar yoga.

Tips For Training

  • In confusion, they can go for a multi-style program, which gives exposure to all the different styles.
  • The trainee needs to decide upon the period of training. They can opt for a full time or a short time course. Each has its pros and cons.
  • Selection is essential between full time or part-time training. People mostly prefer part-time training.
  • The final step is to select the country for availing the training. Bali, Thailand, and India are some of the best destinations to choose from.

How To Start Your Yoga Studio?

After taking the training, the next step is to start the yoga studio. The whole process might take some time and require planning and decision-making skills.

  1. Good business plan– a clear plan is essential for the success of the business. Proper planning helps to select the right place and hiring employees. One must also consider initial cost, target market, competitors, and marketing goals while planning.
  2. Location– an excellent site shall generate sustainable revenue. People must consider certain factors before choosing a location for a yoga studio. These factors are security, population, accessibility, parking space, convenience, and the overall environment.
  3. Marketing– marketing plays a crucial role in expanding any business. It creates awareness among locals and generates revenue. One can place ads in the local newspaper, magazines, and radio.
  4. Designing– the well designed indoor as well as the outdoors of the studio. It will give a proper learning environment to the trainees. One must also design the courses appropriately.


A good setup yoga studio is what one needs to learn yoga. Yoga works on the overall development of a person. Learning yoga requires patience and skills. Being a yoga teacher is also a tricky part, but it pays well. So, choose a yoga teacher and the studio wisely and start practicing.

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