Yoga Teacher Training – Finding The Right Destination

yoga teacher training india

The art of yoga is known all over the world and has been practiced by millions for centuries. It is a great way to combine physical exercises with meditation and self-awareness. Here, you will be trained to not only master the art and science of yoga but also how to master yoga teaching techniques.

There are many yoga teacher training India options that you may consider if you wish to teach yoga. One of the top recommended courses is the intensive one-month program at the renowned Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Institute located in Mysore, Tamil Nadu. This school offers an intensive five-day ashtanga yoga teacher training with the help of mysore house master teachers, Prabhakar and Sivakumar. You will be provided with a certification after your training, which will prove you as an expert. One of the major advantages of this course is that you will get the chance to interact with the dynamic and inspirational saga masters as well as the management and administration team at Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Institute.

A Reputed Institution

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If you prefer to earn a degree from a reputed institution, then there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the renowned schools that offer great sand and rishikesh yoga teacher training in India are the Indian Meditation Institute in Rishikesh and ashoka yoga training in Rishikesh. Ashoka yoga is accredited by the Yoga Federation of India and is recognized internationally. You can participate in a distance learning program offered by these institutes and enjoy a high level of comfort and security.

If you want to teach yoga teacher training in India but do not have enough time to visit India, then consider training at Kriyananda Ashram in Rishikesh. The ashram has a renowned lineage and offers the ideal setting for learning the art of yoga. You can complete four weeks of teacher training at this ashram under the direction of a full-time teacher. The four weeks course includes lectures, practical training, relaxation sessions and meditation. The training is provided on a part-time basis so that you do not have to maintain your full-time job.


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Rishikesh and Goa are other hot destinations for yoga teacher training in India. Rishikesh is an ancient city located in the state of Rajasthan. Its capital city is Gaborone; a few kilometers from here you will find Rishikesh. There are many yoga studios and gyms in Rishikesh that offer teacher training. The rates of rent in Rishikesh are affordable and the local people are very warm and friendly.


Goa is another popular destination for training teachers in India. The coastal city of Goa lies adjacent to Karnataka and is a favorite summer retreat for holidaymakers. The state capital of Goa is Panaji; some of the best Yoga studios and teachers are located in Panaji. For a lifetime membership you get all the facilities and discounts that a regular Yoga teacher gets, with a lifetime membership. This means that once you become a member you are free to join as many Yoga classes as you like.

Some of the best Yoga schools in India also provide online teacher training. There are many Yoga websites in India that provide online teacher training for all levels and types of Yoga. There are many institutes that offer online training for teachers in India. These institutes help you to learn the art of Yoga with ease. You get to know the basic Yoga poses and techniques through videos and practice makes perfect.


In all the above locations there are some famous yoga centers where you can get training and practice Yoga to the best of your ability. If you want to travel and teach Yoga internationally then you have a wide choice of destinations. You could visit the Himalayan regions of India, which are famous for their natural beauty and inspirational teacher training. If you are in search of an authentic yoga teacher training center then look at Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kanyakumari, Kerala etc. Each state has its own Yoga tradition and Yoga schools which are well equipped with the latest technology.

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