Yoga Teachers Training Programs – Costa Rica

yoga teachers training costa rica

As a yoga instructor, it is important that you choose a location where your classes can be held effectively and at a reasonable cost. One of the best locations in Costa Rica is the city of San Jose. It is here that you can find a large number of local yoga instructors who are highly qualified to teach yoga. This is because yoga teachers training Costa Rica is a very specialized profession and requires a lot of dedication, time and effort to master.

Huge Competiton

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There are many yoga schools in San Jose. This means that the competition for available positions in each school can be quite intense. You will want to select the most suitable yoga school which has an environment that is conducive to learning yoga. The two most popular yoga schools in San Jose areas de Los Andes and the dos las Maisels. Each school offers its own curriculum, but they generally follow the same basic courses as far as teaching yoga is concerned.

As a yoga instructor, you will need to register with the yoga school before you start teaching. This process normally takes about three weeks. After registration, you will receive all of the necessary instructions and information about registering for the actual course. There are certain steps that you should follow during registration at the yoga schools in Costa Rica. Some of these include paying the requisite fee (known as COCA) which is paid by you, receiving permission from the yoga school authorities to teach yoga, preparing all the necessary documents such as registration card, itinerary and other important papers, meeting up with your local travel party, packing your belongings and finally travelling to your yoga school.

Get The Certificate

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Once you have registered with the yoga school, you will receive a certificate which will enable you to teach yoga. The certificate should have your name, contact details and your signature. You will get a map that shows the exact location of the yoga school, and the lettering on the map should be the emblem of the International Yoga Federation. Usually, you will also receive a letter which has your full name, contact details, the lettering of the certification and the date on which the certificate was issued.

Full Time Training Programs

All the necessary accreditation for yoga schools in Costa Rica are in place. This means that you can join any registered and licensed yoga schools without any difficulty or impediment. Most of the registered and licensed yoga schools in Costa Rica offer full time training programs. However, if you would like to teach yoga, then training programs with some of the other well-reputed and good quality yoga schools are also available.

Summing Up

As a matter of fact, most of the schools that offer yoga teacher training programs in Costa Rica also offer retreat centers and yoga retreat programs. There are some schools which even offer day trips to other foreign countries where they can combine yoga with adventure activities and culture lessons. These retreat centers and yoga retreat programs help you strengthen your body and mind while you relax in the beautiful environment of Costa Rica.

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