Yoga Travel Gear That You Should Take On Your Trip To Costa Rica

yoga travel gear

You don’t need a lot of things for your yoga travel routine when you practice yoga travel. A few props and extra clothes may be good enough. When practicing yoga, there is no hurry to go to the gym or to get ready in the morning. So what should you pack when you travel?

You can do yoga travel with less than the usual yoga practice gear. Here are tips that you can apply when traveling to still practice your yoga practice. Since you’re on a hectic and busy travel agenda and you’re on a tight budget, you’re prone to get stressed. This is why packing must be done in a step by step manner.

An Overview

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Packing must be done according to what suits you best. It’s always wise to know what you want to bring with you so you won’t go overboard. The list of yoga travel gear that you might need includes: – Your yoga mat covers, yoga shorts and socks, towel, sunhat, sunglasses, and a bottle of water. These props will surely come in handy and well worth it. Surf leggings and some sunblock can also be considered as a pro.

As a bonus, these props can also serve as great reminders of your visit to the best yoga studio in Costa Rica. The best yoga studio would provide you with all the necessities for a good and productive class. If you don’t have them, then you’ll have to take note of the places you’ve been to in Costa Rica and the places you plan on visiting to continue your yoga practices. And that’s a sure way to forget the goal of visiting the best yoga studio. And by the way, one of the things that you should do before visiting any place is to make sure that you already have your yoga mat.

Yoga Travel Gear Facts

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Costa Rica has several beautiful places that you could go to for yoga classes. One of these is Puntarenas, a little beach town not too far from San Jose. Puntarenas has its own little yoga space that you could rent out for an entire evening for an intimate session of meditation and relaxation. You will definitely feel relaxed after having a session there.

Aside from that, another place where you could get a good session of yoga exercises would be the Lily Creek Yoga Retreat. This retreat has been certified by the International Yoga Federation. Its primary focus is to impart yoga teacher training and practice. The retreat offers retreat teacher’s training and certification and also hosts yoga classes where you could teach on a convenient time schedule.

Lastly, it would be best if you check out local yoga studios first before traveling. With a little bit of research and visit to the studio, you’ll know which studio has the best yoga experience. Check out the facilities, amenities and the classes and make sure that they are offering the type of yoga you prefer. After visiting a few studios, you will soon know which studio offers the best yoga experience in the area.

Also, visit the yoga community center before you leave. Here, you could meet up with other yoga enthusiasts. Buena O2 Yoga studio in Santa Monica is considered as the best yoga community center. Here, you will get information about classes, yoga teachers and other important information. In Buena O2 Yoga Studio, you will get all the latest styles of yoga and even master classes from world-class instructors.

Bottom Line

You could also go on a bike trip to Lano Yoga, situated in the city of Santo Domingo. While there, you will be able to see the Lano Canyon, a World Heritage site made of limestone hills. Lano yoga is the best yoga studio because of the serene atmosphere created by the gentle rhythm of the yoga classes. If you want to buy some yoga travel gear, you can visit any of the studios or shops around the area.

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